Monday, June 1, 2009

Calahan's Broken Arm

The first broken bone... of my kids... you see. Yeah ... it's been ... an interesting weekend.

Friday night was nice, the weather wasn't hot, it wasn't too cold... so since Noah was over at his friends, and Cal was off on his borrowed bike (Cal's bike has been stolen twice, so we said we weren't going to buy him a new one for awhile, so his friend gave him one of his older bikes - they had fixed it up and such) ...

So Dennis and I decided to put the babies in the "Are they TWINS?" stroller and go for a walk. We live on a long road of duplexes. So we were walking down and we were about a block away from the end of the road when my neighbor's son, and another kid came up to us and said that Cal was hurt and on some one's steps down the road. Well ... we walked down there and Cal was sitting on the steps, a lady and a bunch of little girls around him. We asked him what happened and he said he fell off his bike.

So apparently - the lady saw it all happen but she didn't have a good view. She said she thought he hit the car that was parked, he went over the handle bars and then the bike flew up and when she got over there it was on top of him. She helped him over to her place and gave him her cell to try to call us (not knowing we were actually walking in that direction)

His friend says that he thinks the bike locked up and that Cal flew over the handle bars and then the bike flipped up and landed right on top of Cal.

Regardless - Calahan got a lot or road rash, he hurt his right leg up by his thigh, and I highly suspected he broke his left wrist. Dennis went back to our house, got his car, and came and got Cal, taking him to the ER - then I walked the babies home and waited. (Noah eventually came home from his friends too.)

Calahan at the ER .... see his right leg (thigh area) is twice as big as the left?
Sure enough - he broke something. Wasn't exactly his wrist, but it was his arm right by his wrist area... (they printed off a copy of the x-ray for Dennis to bring home and he folded it!!) The arrows are pointing to the breaks, and the boxes are around them - be broke BOTH arm bones...

He ended up getting a temporary "cast" and sling until Monday when I'm suppose to take him in to get his actual cast and talk to the Orthopedic...
A few examples of his road rash...

See the bruising on his arm (it's not real good)
Cal got moved upstairs and Noah was told he got to sleep in the top bunk so Cal could sleep in the bottom (Cal's room is in the basement, since he bruised the muscle in his leg, he could barely walk) ... luckily Noah's room is right next to the bathroom.
Calahan Saturday morning... unhappy as could be... poor kid :(
They ended up giving him vicodin and ibuprofen for the pain.

So he broke both main bones in his arm right by his wrist (or close to it) ... he bruised the muscle in his thigh on the right side (couldn't walk at all at first, and has been limping since)... and he got a lot of road rash. But it could have been worse! We see the orthopedic today (at lease that's the plan, I'm suppose to call and get something set up as soon as they open) ... and get his cast set.

His hand swelled up VERY VERY bad over the weekend - we've been keeping it elevated, iced, and keeping ibuprofen in him, but it only helps a little. We even called the ER and they said to loosen the bandages a little (but we already had) ... he still has circulation, it's just very very swollen! The ER nurse told us if we couldn't get it to go down to bring him in, but we could get it to go down some, and again, his circulation was fine... so we've just been keeping an eye on it



Sorry so much is going on, Hope Calahan feels better soon.

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