Sunday, July 8, 2012

Notes on Nathan


I thought it was interesting, and I wanted to document these someplace before filing these away ....

There are some notes, made by myself and others at his IEP meeting and his meeting and when we met at his new school ...  to discuss his transition to kindergarten. 

Which - btw - went really well - yet I'm really nervous on how he is going to react, and how he is going to do.  He only liked school when he went to one particular school, this past year even, when he went with Kaedyn - he would cry and cry going to school.  The teachers assured me that he was doing well and wasn't crying all day - and come to find out - at the beginning of the year, he was crying all day.   That made me really sad.  He really doesn't like changes to his environment.   It's so hard to put your child who is crying on a bus when he's begging to stay home. 

It hurts.

Honestly don't know how much I'll be able to take if he doesn't like it.

So my hope is that because I'm so nervous about it - that he'll love this school and his team and he'll enjoy going to school.  

Anyway - back to the point of this blog....

They did some occupational therapy testing on him this year.  He got it through Birth to Three in Wisconsin, however; it was the first one he "graduated" from.   So these are the age equivalents he was ....  at the time of the testing he was 59 months (this was a couple months ago) ... in Stationary - which is balance on one foot, standing and doing arm positions ... he tested at a 46 month level, and he needs to work on standing on one foot, walking on his tip toes, doing sit ups.   Locomotion, he was at a 34 month level - this is walking, jumping, jumping down, walking in directions ...  he needs to work on feet on a line, running speed, hopping on one foot.....   Object Manipulation he was at a 41 month level and this is mostly ball manipulation and other object manipulation. Grasping he was at a 34 month level - he needs to work on buttons and snaps, and that sort of thing. Visual-Motor Integration he was at a 46 month level ... this is cutting and copying shapes and such, which he needs to work on. 

So ...  on his Preschool Progress Report that I got a copy of has the following notes... 
* likes to play by himself
* has strong emotions but is able to calm down usually when comforted
* not sure how high he can count as it is hard to hear, makes counting like "noises" up to 20
* Nathan's preacademic skills are often hard to hear in the classroom, most of these skills were done receptively
* Nathan's still needs someone to remind him to use the bathroom
* Nathan's speech is severely delayed.  He can produce 3-5 word phrases/sentences, but they are often unintelligible unless the listener is very familiar with him.  He is using/learning vocab, understans and follows directions if willing, loves to be read to.

And .......... that .... is what was said.....