Tuesday, September 21, 2010

4:30 AM Update on Nathan....& 8 AM Added

After dinner last night, he kinda took a turn.  The IV had been unhooked (not taken out of his hand, just unhooked so that he was not connected to tubes on that hand) ...  and he was doing so well after eating.  Then he was starting to hurt, and you could tell.  He started to complain about the Pulse/Ox on his left hand and the IV in his right hand and the lead wires connected to his chest, he couldn't get comfortable and he couldn't move around because of all the wires and tubes....  there was no calming him down.  They brought in pain meds for him, some liquid Oxycodone and liquid tylonel.  He took both like a champ, but the last little bit of tylonel made him gag.  I ran off to find something in the linen closet outside his room that they give access to the patients & families (xtra pillow case I think) and I came back in, he was throwing up.  It was all over again, so we cleaned him up, changed his gown, his pillow... luckily it didn't get on anything else.  But he had just thrown up ALL his pain meds.  So the IV got hooked back up, and the anti-nausea meds were given again, and then after a little bit we gave him his pain meds again, and on top of that.... right after he took his pain meds, he feel asleep ... thank goodness cuz now he's just MISERABLE!!  ....  and then about 5 minutes after he falls asleep the nurse comes in and says his HGH shot just came.  Oye vey ... seriously?   We figured he'd just be skipping it since we forgot the easypod at home.  Nope...  So she ended up coming in about an hour after he fell asleep and did the injection in his leg.   He did good.  Went right back to sleep after. 

At 4:30 am ...they just came in to do his vitals and such, he is in so much pain he just doesn't want to move.  In a way that's a good thing, but it's also a bad thing.   So what's going on right now is that he's got a tube from his bladder to the diaper, a type of catheter...  minus the bag.  We're double diapering him.  The inside diaper, holds the dressing right now for his penis, cuz it's still bleeding ... they are suppose to be cutting a slit in the diaper so that if he poops, it doesn't get on his penis, but they aren't.  I'm going to ask them to start doing this in the morning because I would hate to have to clean that right now.  And that way, it will also be support and not so much pressure on him.  Then the outside diaper is used to catch the urine from the tube.  He's going to have the tube in for 10 days to 2 weeks, then we gotta come back and get the stitch (or stitches) out.   He has a lot of stitches from the base of his penis to the tip, but they managed to get the urinary tract to the tip (yay!) ...  I don't know what we are going to do about school right now.  His first day is suppose to be Wednesday but I don't know that there is any way he's going to be able to go at any point this week.   The only thing I can think of is taking him for an hour or two and staying with him the whole time cuz I mean you guys just have no idea.  I just feel so bad for him.  On one hand I'm regretting getting it done, but it had to.  His urinary tract was coming out where the penis meets the body, so it had to be done :(   Anyway ...  he's awake, and shaking cuz of the pain and he just wants his blanket on him (nothing else) ...   He's still mad about the Pulse Ox being on him and the IV ... he's got something on each hand, and he doesn't like that at all....   anyway ...  going off to play of Facebook or something.   I have considered crawling in bed with him but he doesn't like any sort of tension on any of the cords (who can blame him) and so I just don't want to mess with him.  So I'm just sitting right next to his bed, if he wants his head or back rubbed or anything.   I'm not convinced they are going to let him go home today.  :(

8:00 AM 
Well, the Docs came in this morning, did their rounds and said he's going home.  The nurses are going to come take out his IV soon (I hope) and they have to call the pharmacy and get a roll on his meds ...  as soon as the meds come up then we can go home, but they expect that to take a few hours.   We're completely out of money now though, and this hospital doesn't help AT ALL with food for low income families...  so, we might have enough to get something small this morning, hopefully we can be home by lunch time.  But basically we went through every penny we had paying for hospital food.   If we get home around noon though, hoping anyway, that way Nathan can get comfortable at home before the older kids come home, and hopefully Bubby will NOT jump on him... and hoping Nathan will be less anxious ... every time anyone walks in the room right now he totally directs them OUT THE DOOR... LOL.... like "Leave THANK YOU" ... there was someone who came in to switch out the crib of our expected neighbor last night (who never came in, :x) with a bed, and Nathan got really pissed after I told him she couldn't take out his IV because he kept asking for her to take it out.  (this is all gesturing for him that we can read, cuz he doesn't talk remember) ...  So yeah...  here is hoping we'll be on our way home soon.   Bleeding has finally started to slow down, he hasn't thrown up since the med fiasco last night when he was in pain and upset ...and he's tolerating the oral meds just fine.   Hopefully he eats great for breakfast!  Anyway ... that's the update! 


April said...

Oh I'm so sorry he struggling! Thinking of you!!!

Mama Gayle said...

Poor little fellow. I hope all this feeling bad will be over for him real soon!! He is a trooper though! I hope you can get him to eat some yummy food at home, and make him extra comfy:)

M from OD said...

Hows he doing? Haven't seen an update for a while.

foxy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday! I've been overwhelmed with words of kindness from so many who have come to join my little mimosa pity party after my cycle got canceled.

I love finding little crumbs that lead me back to new and interesting bloggers like you! I've spent some time reading about your family and am so impressed with the peace and love that is so apparent in your home. You children are indeed beautiful unique flowers. The love you have for each one of them jumps right out of the screen!

Wishing you and your little ones a very thankful and joyous thanksgiving!

xoxo - Foxy