Friday, January 8, 2010

The fight of Eczema .....

Kaedyn's fight with Eczema has gotten a lot worse.  I wish I had taken some photos a couple days ago but I didn't get a chance to.  He has just been in so much pain and miserable because of the way his skin feels that I didn't want to take the time to do it.  He likes to stay covered, that's for sure.  However, he was running around in just his diaper yesterday when he dumped Daddy's WHOLE MUG of ice coffee on his head..... yeah, he didn't enjoy that so much!  But he DID enjoy the Oatmeal bath that came after, actually both him and Nathan did.

I am just amazed with the amount of money we've spent on over the counter hopeful ease for him.....

That right there is about $50 ... that includes his new steroid cream (Desonide) from the DR and his old hydrocortizone cream.   We spent a bunch of money on the Eucerin products thinking (because we heard it through the grapevine that was the best stuff for Ecezma) ... and I noticed every time I would put the lotion on him, he would scream.  Hard to tell if it was from the cold or the lotion itself, so I called my friend who has a son with bad eczema and she said that her son says it actually stings when they put it on.  So our Ped suggested getting the Sarna lotion, which our insurance wouldn't cover because it's OTC ..  so we spent about a half hour trying to hunt it down (here it was in the first aid isle with the calamine lotion) ... it's used for Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Chicken Pox and the like stuff...  and even says for Eczema. 

Kaedyn is MUCH happier now, his skin is softening up and so much less scaly .. he never screamed when I put the Sarna lotion on him (though it smells like menthol) and the Desonide is working like a CHARM!  I can actually spot apply now instead of having to cover his whole body.


kristi said...

TC has eczema too. We have tried a new steroid cream which he is out of right now. It is amazing!! It is called Lycoid Lipocream. It is so expensive though!!

smilinggreenmom said...

Ooooh, poor baby. I really want to share our story of our little guy with you incase it could help your son too. Our son has had severe Eczema and food allergies since he was an infant and it was just horrible. He was so itchy and could not sleep through the night at all. We had to wrap bandages around him since he would bleed and no one could help aside of prescribing harsh chemicals and meds like steroids. We took him to several doctors and homeopaths, and like you - spent tons of money on creams that we hoped would provide relief. (By the way- Eucerin burned him too!!! We LOVE Sarna!!)

Our miracle came when he was about two and my dad told us about a kids chewable probiotic called Bellyboost that he had heard might help. So since we were so desperate to help him we did it. It was an absolute answer to our prayers. He began clearing up within the very first week and soon after that his Eczema could hardly be seen. It just started going away! This was huge for us and now I want to spread the word to help other families suffering from it. I have a mommy blog too if you ever want to visit (natural, green and allergy free living) at

Oh and some other great tips that have helped our son and are a lot cheaper are to put baking soda in the bath water with him and pure olive oil! They come out so slippery but it is a great anti-itch and moisture remedy that is natural!! Hope this helps :)


PRISKEN said...

That is NOT a fun battle to fight. I've had a little bit of experience with it - nothing like you - and I it was not fun. (or cheap) SORRY! I'm glad that you finally have found something that really works.

Keri said...

Logan had a small case of eczema when he was a baby. Luckily Aveeno was enough to take care of it for him. To this day, Aveeno is all I use on Logan. How did the Aveeno work for Kaedyn? Just curious if it helped at all. Glad to hear that he is feeling better. He is absolutely adorable!