Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Noah's Birthmark: Take 3

Noah was born with a birthmark on the side of his head....  he had stork bites all over his face too but those faded enough where you can't really see them/they aren't there. 

However, his birthmark on his head is a different story. 

I have NEVER seen a birthmark change like this and it worries me.   I don't know if it's associated with his MT16 or if it's something else, but it's nagging at me. 

It was flat when he was a baby, there were no raised spots, and recently, I noticed some changes, it's was last May after a haircut that I noticed.

 ALL TAKEN MAY 20, 2009

He had started to get these raised areas in it.   I took him to see his Ped who referred him to a dermatologist and then when we saw him, he just sorta dismissed it.

Well the shaggy dog's hair has been cut again, and this is what we found... 


We measured it in May and it was 1cm by 1 1/2 cm and now it's 1 1/2 cm by 2cm ...

Now, me laying in bed with insomnia, being completely unable to sleep ...  I was watching Bad Girls Club and the only other noise in the house is from the babies radio that is always on ... Cal's TV is on too, but I can't hear it... especially over my TV.   So I'm sitting there thinking about if I should call the Dermatologist or just leave it alone... and I hear  "Mom" ..... and nothing else.  I paused the TV.   It sounded like it had come from the hallway, it sounded *kinda* like Noah.   I went to say "What?" cuz there was no response so as I'm saying that there is another "Mom" ...  so I said "Noah?"  It sounds close enough to Noah, but doesn't SOUND like him completely.  It's definitely coming from the hallway, like he's halfway down the hall by the baby's door.   Then I hear, "Mom can you help me?"  ...  and so I wait a beat and then get up.  The voice actually sounded more female.  It was just weird.  So I walk out of my room, and there is no one in the hall.   I flip on the light in the hall, I look in the living room - in the nursery - no one - so I check Noah's room, he's on the opposite end of the hall then we are, and he's sleeping on the floor in the middle of his room..... he had a blanket over his face ...  if it had been Noah, he wouldn't have moved back into his room and if he had, you would have heard him go back to his room, and his voice would had been muffled by not only the distance but the blanket too...... fact is, he was seriously asleep.   I thought about the fact that it may have been him talking in his sleep, but the voice was coming from the hall... not his room, muffled by a blanket and around corners.  I had uncovered his face, and checked him.   

He's got swollen lymph nodes too... and of course I'm concerned about the spot, and keep looking at it, so he's flipping out asking if it'll go away and such, cuz he's scared he will have to go to the DR's about it, which he will, but I'd rather make him go through that anxiety when the time comes instead of now. 

Now, is it coincidental that I heard it while worrying about my child's health?

The soonest the Dermatologist could get him in is February 23rd, I also called Genetics about it.


Lynanne said...

I'm not a dermatologist (nor do I play one on the internet LOL) but it looks like a nevus sebaceous. These are harmless, though the dermatologist may recommend treating it eventually. Stay away from Dr. Google (I know you are tempted!) and try not to worry in the meantime :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ive just come across this site, I have exactl that on my head, had it since childhood and in 29 now, its never been a problem. It use to depress me even thogh its not visible and my Mum did a wonderful job in not letting me get depressed abt it, thats all your son needs =o) if he ever feels down, the reson why my mum didnt get it removed it cos the dos said it linked to nerves abd could affect me in some way.

lots of ppl have it and im just one and mine is a lot bigger, it increased as i was growing the it started to decrease becos parts die and just fall off.