Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"Therapy Boxes"

I know I have some updating to do over here ... I'm hoping to get it done tomorrow.   (Or today as it's like, 3am ...) ....

BUT .......

I needed to share this right away.   Before I forget!

The other night we were watching the 11 o'clock news.  One of the leading stories was about how in a local school (Tacoma) there was a school ....   The part that got me was when the interview with the child's mother who broke the story.  He - somehow - got back by this PADDED ROOM where there was a kid in there crying and crying and the little boy felt so bad - he wanted to help -but couldn't.  Anyway - apparently this school has this padded room where the lock up students who are having emotional or behavioral issues.  There is a mother on there - interviewed - who's child is one of the ones who goes in there.  She's fully in support of this room saying people don't understand.... etc...  her so can get so out of control that he's a danger to himself and others.


So .. as a mother of children with unique needs...   I find it so disturbing.   I guess I can understand - to a point.  But ... I think it's torture.  There are other ways to handle these things.   In my opinion - this is so wrong.  This is a lazy way of dealing with this.  It's uneducated!  In a place of education - it's completely drips of being uneducated about how to positively help these kids.

What kills me the MOST MOST MOST is that there are 9 kids in this inclusion room and ALL NINE SETS OF PARENTS signed permission slips for their children to be locked up in this room! 

There is no way that I would EVER sign a permission slip allowing educators to be able to lock my child up in a room.

They say that kids are locked up there from anywhere of 15 minutes to a couple hours.  And if that little boy found that room and no adult was around - WHAT THE HELL.  What if something happened??? What if that child that was locked up needed to use the bathroom.  What if something happened and he hurt himself or needed help or whatever.  It BLOWS MY MIND.

The district responded to the outcry from parents after it went viral ...   this is a video from the day after the story broke. 

Then the very next night, this appeared on Nightline.   And it just disturbed me even worse!!!

 This is outrageous.  That's my thoughts on it.   I would never do that to my child. 

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