Friday, January 15, 2010

10 seconds from calling 911


So, last night I got the scare of my life.... eh... okay, I had a huge scare in my life, trust me, with these kids, I've had a lot.  Anyway, I was about ten seconds from {calling 911} last night because Nathan was choking.  It was blocking his airway, but not completely, he was getting SOME air in.  He was crying and screaming, but the screaming was soooooooooooo muffled.  He was in trouble and both Dennis and I knew it.  Dennis tried to sweep his throat, but everytime he tried he would practically get his finger bitten off, man that boy has a strong jaw.  We tried to heimlich him,but that didn't work.   Finally, we had to use a toothbrush to pry open his jaw and then Dennis got his finger in there and managed to move it, eventually, his screaming sounded clear so we could only assume he had managed to pass it down his throat, whatever it was.  He literally walked from me, to the couch, got on the couch, and onto his horse that I had forgotten to take down - but he was fine, I didn't see anything in his hand, and we have no clue what it was.  Our best guess is that Dennis has quit smoking again and he's using beef jerky sticks to concur the oral need, and he had a piece sitting on his desk.  We're thinking maybe Kaedyn found it, and after figuring he couldn't eat it, put it down over by the horse, and Nathan found it there. He tried to swollen to big of a bite, or something.  I don't know.  Dennis says that's what it "felt" like anyway.   But the kids were scared, I mean all of them were.  Cal, Noah, and Kaed were all in the living room around Dennis and I as we tried not to panic and help Nathan, there was a point where the phone was in my hand...  and they were asking all these normal questions, because they were scared... is he going to be okay, are you going to get it out, what's in there? ... ya know...  so I finally asked them to take the two littler ones out of the room, and he did.  He's such a good kid.  But Nathan didn't calm down for awhile and he refused to eat anything for the rest of the night, I got him to take some tylonel after about an hour cuz I'm sure his throat was all tore up.  Just, still, very thankful. 

Kaedyn has been saying some new word :D   ... Hi, Ya (yeah), Up, Down, Momma (he's been saying for awhile but it's dang cute!) ...  Dah-Dah (he doesn't say Daddy yet)...  and "Num-mum-num" we always say that with Nathan while eating because it's hard to get him to eat, and Kaedyn has picked it up.   Nathan said a new word yesterday too, I ask him where Bubby was last night and he pointed to the nursery door (where Kaedyn was sleeping) and he said "Bubba!" Awwwwwwwwwwww ... it's offical, Kaedyn is {Bubba!}


Fit Mommy said...

You have a beautiful family! So sorry to hear you had such a scare.

Junior said...

so scary, glad he is okay

Debbie in Nashville said...

What a scary situation! I can't believe how you felt as that was happening. So glad to hear everything is ok now.

Have a great weekend!

Kristin said...

Oh no. That happened to me once. My little guy got a hold of a water bottle cap. I was able to dislodge, but it was seriously one of the most frightening things I've ever experienced! Thank goodness it was only a scare for both of us!

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

I had that happen to me. Except the heimlich worked. We did a feeding study because of her low tone. She is off solids and thin liquids now.

How wonderful that your Nathan has some new words! I love it! Your blog inspired me tonight.

April said...

SO SCARY!! I'm so sorry!!!
Thanks for the blog award :) You're too kind! xo!