Friday, August 21, 2009

Update : Long over due...

I figured I better get an update out since I haven't been updating over the summer. I think I needed a break more then anything. So I will update in one big update, and will soon start Nathan's daily diary back up.

Calahan got his full arm cast off after 4 weeks and got a cast from his hand to almost his elbow for 2 weeks, and then he was in a brace for a week. He transferred from cast to brace on July 13th.

Otherwise he has been doing pretty good. He's about to go on a trip with his Grandma (his Dad's Mom) to South Dakota to go do all sorts of fun stuff.

He's been doing fairly well with his ADHD. We haven't started to homeschool regularly yet, but we'll be starting in September.

Noah has been doing well also. He seem has been sick a few times but I hope the mysterious fevers and such will stop now.

We decided to keep him out of school this year too and homeschool him. Maybe he'll catch up more with the more one on one attention and all that. Next year I think I will leave it up to him if he wants to go back to school or not, most likely Cal won't want to go back to school. But we'll see how this year works out for both of them.

Nathan, well he's a story all on his own. He isn't gaining a lot of weight again. He's spitting out all his meds we give him other then his thyroid med (pill form, and we just give him the half pill at this point, we don't break it up anymore) ... We *think* he is still getting a touch of a migraine now and then, but no where NEAR where he had been before. His appetite has fallen again - we're trying to get everything in him we're suppose to (his pediasure and all that) ... He started to have nice gains and now I don't think he's gaining again.

We got his genetics tests back and EVERYTHING is normal. We were told the Russell Silver Syndrome came back negative too, but I had read somewhere that the genetics test doesn't always come back positive for RSS. So I'm not so sure that we're out of the woods there considering how well he fits that. I am going to do more research here and re-approach about it.

Right now he has Rotavirus. He's thrown up twice in the last week at night, and has had a fever of 102 come and go. He got tubes in over the summer and he is DEFINITELY hearing better. Talking wise is slowly and surely getting better. He surprised us one night by saying "what's that?" when the phone rang. Mind you only me and his Dad could probably understand half the stuff he says right now - but it's a step!

Kaedyn is doing great. He still has his bad eczema but it doesn't seem as bothersome as before. I'm still hoping that he grows out of it for the most part.

He has about 5lbs on Nathan right now, they are in the same sized clothes. He's got 4 teeth and a few more coming in, and he's getting ready to walk.

His first birthday is in a few weeks and I'm not ready to admit my baby is growing up.

He has the rotavirus really bad - he gave it to Nathan - I can only assume through cup sharing considering they are constantly going after each other's cups (well mostly Kaedyn after Nathan's cups) ... or Nathan is putting Kaedyn's paci in his mouth ... they like swapping germs. Regardless, after being completely unable to get a handle on his diaper rash he has gotten from having the constant poops ... we went in and found out they both had rotavirus and Kaedy's rash is so much worse, so red, sore, and tender, swollen and bleeding a little. He cries with every diaper change. It breaks my heart. Nathan's hadn't gotten that bad, so he still does okay. So I got stronger stuff for their butts, Nathan's seems to be clearing up nicely and Kaedyn's is getting slightly better.

Anyway - I think I touched up on everything.... I'll be back daily (or semi-daily) soon!!