Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Tale of Human Growth Hormone ...

Recently, we had an appointment with Nathan's new Endocrinologist doc ...  and based on his growth (or lack there of, I should say) the HGH bridge finally had to be crossed.

This is his growth chart from a few months ago....
Here is a better idea of what the lines are ...  The red line is the BOTTOM of the growth chart, the 3% line, the yellow line is the average RSS child's growth, and the blue line (going with the RSS line, usually just below it) is Nathan's growth - the arrow is pointing to it on the picture below. 

So you can see how far below bottom of the growth chart he is.  He's not even ON the growth chart, not even close.  I know how hard it is to get how tiny he is from photos... but he's as tall as an 18 month old, and he's almost 41 months.  (3 yr 5 mo) ... he is in a size 4 diaper (his 24 month old brother is in a size 6 and growing out of it!) ... and he's in an 18 month pants for length and waist, and that's if we are lucky it doesn't fall OFF his waist, and a 24 month shirt cuz he has a long torso... (his baby brother is in a size 3T) ...  They are both about the same height (Kaedyn is a little on the shorter side for his age, but completely normal) ...  Nathan is 33 inches, and Kaedyn is 34 ...  but they differ by about 10 lbs in weight.  Kaedyn is definitely about 10 times stronger then Nathan. 

And with Nathan starting 3 yr old preschool next week, I am worried a little...... okay ...  a lot.  
His backpack is almost as big as HE is.....

But I have more important things to worry about right now.  What possible?  I know Preschool is HUGE for a little boy who is actually excited to "go to school" ... now, staying at school without Mommy will be a completely different challenge, but the idea of putting on his backpack and going THRILLS him. 

So what could be more worrisome?

How about starting injections?

Yep, that's right.  We've finally crossed the SHOULD WE or SHOULDN'T WE bridge and decided that we're going to start because I've heard wonderful things from RSS parents on HGH and how it's helped their child not only grow better but also have more of an appetite. 


We thought it was a urban legend with RSS kids!  Surely that can't be true!!  I mean, we've seen tiny little glimpses of a "good appetite" with Nathan where we watch him take more then 4 bites in disbelief, where we look at an empty plate or bowl....  but those days are so few and far between, it's hard to believe that maybe, just MAYBE ... those will be more often sightings!! 

We got our shipment in the mail...  on 9/7/10 ... and now we are going for our training (on 9/16/10)...  he's going to get his first injection in the clinic during our training and he's then it's up to us to give it to him every night from then on, before bed... 

Skery stuff.... 

I'm not looking forward to it, it's made me into an emotional wreck for several days.  Crying at the drop of a hat thinking about it, talking about it...... It's gotten a little easier, but man, seeing the shipment packed a PUNCH to my gut :(

This is what we got... 
The Easypod Starter Kit....  above that, in a bag is three boxes with the the medicine vials, beside that are alcohol pads, and then there is the blue fridge to go cooler (because the HGH has to be kept cool once it's mixed) and then the red sharpie container. 
You open the box and this is what you see, the easypod box, the needle box, there is a squishy square to "practice" on and a foam blue packing thing, and the blue long box along side the easypod box is one that contains a couple of magnets, the screwdriver, and DVD to watch ....  which I have to say, the kid in the video was just a little to happy and eager to show off how the thing worked, my money is on the fact that he is a PAID actor and there was no needles in the room!
That is the easypod device in the container that it's stored in.
The needles packaged up for the device
The HGH is on one end in powder form, then there is the appropriate liquid mixture in the other end, you push it down and let the liquid go into the powder, swish it around a little (not shaking it) and then let it go the other way back into the cartridge that the water was in, then you take this little device apart until you just get the cartridge, and that is what goes into the easypod. 

Now it's time for training ..... for all this to start.  I am not looking forward to it, tears will be shed and not just by Nathan....  but it is what is best for him. 

We can only hope that it helps ...  it's our ultimate wish. 

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