Sunday, March 31, 2013

Facebook Signs ...

I was talking to my girlfriend and telling her how I was annoyed with some people.  I would ask people who are my "friends" and "family" to go like our facebook page.  What is the big deal?  You go like a page, you get our various graphics we share on your page.  So much of it has to do with awareness for different things, or uplifting words - or news articles.  I share a lot of things from other pages, and then I save them and I post them in the albums on our facebook.  We have about 38 or so albums right now.  There are a bunch of different Autism albums, there is one for IEPs, Chromosome Abnormalities, Learning Disabilities, Inspirational Words, General "Special Needs," Bullying, Love Letters to Special Needs Parents, Premature Birth, Growth Issues, and a lot more things.  

So anyway - I share something - I ask for people to like the page....  hours later...  nothing.  Not even one like.  It's been like pulling teeth to get people to follow the page.  At first I just didn't care ...  but I really do want to help bring awareness to these medical issues.

So I ask people, and I message people on facebook ....  and still nothing.  But I see them share stuff of other peoples kids, that they don't even know personally, and I see them share crap like "Share this Llama for no reason" and it's just IRRITATING ....  it's like, fine ... I guess you don't support our kids.  Thanks.... no not really ....  just actually hurts a little.

So my girlfriend suggested that I do those pictures with the kids holding up the signs.  I'm like, okay ... that's a good idea.  So today I did some with the kids.  I'm gonna share one a day for the next few days and see how it goes.  But here are the pictures.

If you read this and you'd like to LIKE the page, we'd appreciate it.  Trust me, we'd really appreciate it.  Nathan "helps" me with the page and Noah asks how many people have liked it everyday.  It's not just my thing, it's theirs too.  It's the whole families.

 **Update**  We were at 63 likes prior to starting the pictures. We'd get one or two likes a week - if that - prior to that.   So now we're up to 88.   I know we won't get to 1,000 anytime soon.  I only put 1,000 on the cards so that we could use them for awhile.

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