Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fools Day ....

Normally I just post this stuff on my regular blog A Page In My Book .... but I had to share this over here too.   It was so fun.

Of course having a bunch of kids with Sensory Processing Disorders ... LOL.... we ended up eating most of it ourselves.  Well I didn't - but Cal and Dennis did - and Kaedyn liked the "hamburgers" ...

The "Magic Drinks" or "Deviation Drinks" came off of Pinterest ...   I'll be sharing the recipe over on my other blog.  But basically - you are suppose to paint some food coloring on the bottom of clear cups and let it dry (thin layer of food coloring) ... and then cover up the evidence with ice.  Well, our "food coloring" hadn't dried yet and when I put the ice cubes in you could see the food coloring on the bottom a bit.  So we tried to distract the kids from noticing and it worked pretty well....
 We called the kids over individually and they were all amazed - "How'd you do that?" and I'd just say ... "Magic" ...  LOL...   it was cute.
 Cal got a light green, Kaedyn the darker green, Noah the blue and Nathan the red (was supposed to be pink) ...  All the kids drank theirs except for Nathan, he avoids red foods and doesn't like 7-UP ... but he thought it was cool.   I thought there was a chance he *might* drink it since it was pink - but it came out more red... he called it red...

Funny story with the "Cups of Dirt" ...  or "Dirt Cakes" ... Nathan wanted nothing to do with them, again, go figure.  Noah and Kaedyn were very convinced that they were - infact - cups of dirt.  Dennis did them, and he was supposed to use chocolate pudding, but he didn't think of that ... regardless I tried to hand Kaedyn a cup and asked him

"Do you want to try some dirt?"

He shook his head.

"But it's really good...." and I took the spoon I was holding and dipped it in the top of it... pulled some out ... mostly the "dirt" ...  "Are you sure you don't want to try some?"

He shakes his head followed by a "NO!"

"Are you sure?" and I pushed the spoon towards him.  I kept getting shaking of his head and no's ... so I said I would eat it and pushed the spoon towards my mouth and acted like I was scared to eat it.  Pushed it back towards him and asked "Are you sure you don't want to try it first?"   He shakes his head again.  "Should I try it first?"

"Yes, Momma" ...

I acted all hesitant and then ate it.  His eyes got super big ....  asked him again, and he still said No....  so I said "What if I told you it was cookie dirt and pudding?"

So after a little hesitation he tried it and was all NUM ... lol....  then he went around the rest of the night talking about cookie dirt.  

Noah was watching the whole thing.... LOL.... he was shocked too but after Kaedyn was NUM ... he figured it was safe enough and ate some.

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