Monday, August 18, 2014

Mystery Diagnosis * Day 7 * (Day 8 at home)

As I am writing this, day 7 was yesterday and we've been home for (a little more then) 24 hours.

Nathan was fever free Saturday night and Sunday morning.  He had run that 99+ temp Saturday evening, before going to sleep for the night.  I also asked for them to hold off on the ibuprofen because I wanted to see if it would actually spike higher, and it didn't.  It actually resolved itself.

Also, at this point ..... everything a DR or Nurse would walk in, he would either SCREAM ... or SCREAM and HIDE ... or just throw his covers over him (hide) and disappear.   And what's great about these DRs is that most of them would totally play along.  "Where is Nathan?"  

And when the nurses would start messing with him to do his vitals he would either got "HEY" when they went to move his blanket.... or say "I TIRED" or "I SLEEPY" ... LOL...  or maybe even "I COLD!"  lol

They all thought he was the cutest thing and when he was feeling better and smiling, they all melted.

Anyway ....

Nathan woke up and was just not acting well.  No fever, which I was a bit afraid of.   He woke up grouchy and just wanted to lay in bed and be left alone.

This is my attitude about being in isolation for 7 days.......  I hate having to ask for ice.  I am an ice crazy nut and have to have a lot of ice in whatever I'm drinking (unless it's milk or hot chocolate).... I hate having to depend on other people...  I don't feel like hitting the nurse button to get ice .... so I just ask them to bring me a bunch when they do vitals.  Ha ha... 

Breakfast came and he perked up a little bit.  Really ...  he took 3 bites of his sausage patty, and a bite or two of his eggs, but I saw him spit a bite of that out.  He drank his apple juice.
 So I got him up out of bed and got him to do something..  I taught him how to walk around with his IV...

 I also took him for rides around the room on his IV Pole because he just needed some stimulation ....  So we'd do it for a little while, and then he'd lay down for a bit, and get back up and lay down.  He can't seem to handle doing much right now.

But we kept getting him out of bed now that he was feeling better...    and by we ... I mean me...
The DRs came and since he's been pretty much fever free for 24 hours (minus that 99+ fever) ...  they thought he would be okay to go home.  Still don't know WHAT is wrong, but since his labs were getting better and showing improvement, and his fever was gone, they figured home would be much more comfortable for him (AND ME!) ... and we can continue to monitor him from home and with his Pediatrician. So the wheels were set into motion.  He needed antibiotics for his staph that is re-developing.  This time it's not an aggressive treatment, but a direct one.  

Lunch time came around, he ate pickles.  Drank a little bit of milk.   

 Daddy and Kaedyn came to pick us up.

Help!  I'm in isolation and I can't get out!

So excited to see Bubba, I missed him so much.  Look at how big he is compared to Nathan ...  it's amazing how much he's shot up!  Kaedyn is 5, Nathan is 7.   Kaedyn is a very normal - average - child.  Nathan is a very tiny 7 year old.  There is about 20 lbs separating them also.

The boys ... LOL...  wanted to be in the closet.

We finally got paperwork and pretty much ran out of the door.  Kaedyn was checking out the fountain ...  while we were waiting for Dad to bring up the van.  Nathan wanted to get out and check things out too.

 And then, we headed home!  Awesome.......

So here is his Staph progression ...

Today (Monday) ...  Nathan spent a lot of time sleeping today.  He got up for a few hours, and then at noon he came in and crashed for two hours.  He got up for a half hour, and then came and made me (not that it took too much convincing on my part,) cuddle him and hold him for a couple more hours.  He got up for a little while again, and then at 7 (his normal bedtime at home) ... he came to bed.  So he's been sleeping ... a lot.

And that's petty much it ....    there were still some cultures pending for him at the Children's Hospital.  And he has an appointment with his Pediatrician tomorrow.

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