Friday, February 1, 2008

Noah and Nathan

I'm worried about Noah and Nathan right now....
Noah had a audiology exam and hearing test Monday per my request. He has been saying "huh?" .. "what?" way to often and he doesn't stop until either he looks at you when you are talking or you speak louder, sometimes both... his TV has been turned up to GAWD awful volumes and when you turn it down, he cries because he "cannot hear it!" ... this isn't a normal thing, and it's not a attention thing... and I just KNEW KNEW KNEW that his hearing loss had gotten worse. This time last year (last February actually) ... we had FINALLY after years of failed hearing tests ... were told he had a minor hearing loss in his left ear for higher frequencies ... nothing major but he would probably favor his right ear... and it may be a good idea to get an FM audio system in place for him in school (where the teacher wears a microphone and the child has head phones) ... well today's hearing test .... the results were beyond what I expected. Both his right and left ears have gotten way worse... NEITHER of the results for either ear are in the normal range... infact, it's now considered a "significant loss" ..... he does have a lot of fluid in his ears, and no ear infection ... he may need tubes again... we don't know if this is the reason why his test results were WAY worse or not... he has another test in 2 weeks.
Today I also found out - because I asked his PED what his heart issues were coming home from the NICU ... that I knew they were different then what Noah had... so he read them off, said that all of them were normal heal themselves with time type things except for one thing... and I asked "what is that?" He said... "his aortic valve is misshaped..."
... And you wonder why he isn't gaining weight!?!?! The three signs of issues are rapid breathing, difficulty feeding, and failure to thrive (the 4th this is blueness in the lips) ... I would like to slap someone... Nathan has a Cardiology appt w/ EKG & ECHO ... the urologist & a GI dr on the 28th ...

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I have you know,I would most definately get moving fast to get him fitted for hearing aids.The sooner he hears "SOUNDS" that can be registered in his brain the better.I have that problem,ALL high pitch toned,I am totally deaf to those tones.My mom discovered the same age as Noah is now,that I had a hearing loss.
Big Hugs.They have ITTY BITTY hearing aids now that go right in the ear and you cannot even see them:*) and the sounds they pick up are amazing.My life is TOTALLY Different with than without my aids.
GOOD LUCK..and I hope he gets hearing aids soon.!
"IF" he needs them.I feel he does,based on the fact he has to look at you when you talk.I'm the same way.I need people to look at me,and I'm awesome at lip reading across the room haha..y ou dont' know how many friends asked me to read lips:X
If its a tube issue,it can heal,if its a nerve issue,he will probably have lost it allready for there is no healing for that.The total deaf have the option for either the surgery,or learn to live in the deaf world.I would pick the surgery.