Friday, April 24, 2009

April 22 ~ Entry 6 (NDD)

Nathan's Daily Diary - entry 6

Nathan slept in this morning, if it weren’t for his therapist coming at 8am, he probably would have slept until after. But a few minutes before 8 I went in his room and gently woke him up. He did, so I brought him out the couch for his lounge time he uses to wake up fully. Well, his Physical Therapist showed up and his time got cut. Katy and I talked of all his appointments and everything else.. Nathan wasn’t all that interested in working so we just chatted away…

After Katy left, Nathan wanted to play so we did for awhile. We colored and played with his kitchen. He has been saying “HI MOM” a lot … I love it!! I’ve noticed he’s saying a lot more things now, no one else can understand him – but Dennis and I can, and his Speech Therapist. After a little while he wanted to watch Blues Clues so we did that and sang along with it. He loves to sing along.

We had lunch, he had left over noodles and chicken, and some pretzels. He ate some of it, but he was more interested in getting his cup of milk and laying down.

He napped from about 12:30 to 3 and then got up to play some more. It involved bubbles (his FAVORITE thing in the world) and reading a couple books, pointing to pictures and trying to get him to say words.

Once Daddy got home it was about time for Cal and Noah to leave for awhile. After they were gone we went to pick up a DR excuse for Daddy and then stopped at Walmart to get some stuff we needed (milk, bread) ..

When we got home, Nathan had a sandwich for dinner, picking off the ham and pickles and not really eating the bread. After dinner he got his medicine and played for a little bit before cuddling with Daddy and falling asleep before 9pm.

Daddy said he rolled over looked at him, and then rolled back over and went to sleep. Daddy says he already *seems* as if he's feeling better, now that he's started the meds. He said "you can't claim placebo effect on a 2 year old" ...

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