Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 18 ~ Entry 2 (NDD)

Nathan's Daily Diary ~ entry 2

Woke up grouchy but once he laid on the couch with some Blues Clues playing for awhile, he was up and playing in the living room. He had a waffle for breakfast.

We spent some time outside, Nathan loves to slide. It was very sunny but he won’t keep sunglasses or a hat on. He kept going down the slide over and over and over like normal, going back and forth between the big slide and the small slide.

He started to act fussy so I brought him in and he feel asleep, sleeping through lunch and almost until dinner. Once he got up, he wanted cuddles with Daddy for a half hour, and then we had dinner (steak shish kabobs and baked potatoes) … Nathan picked at his food, he ate some of his steak but had trouble chewing it all the way, but he did okay. He tried some grape tomato) After dinner he got a bath and was up until around 10:30.

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