Monday, November 11, 2013

Nightly Struggle with Meds ..


This is what I have to dish out for nightly meds for my kids.  Nathan is sick - freaking bronchitis/pneumonia  - Nate and I have both been sick since before Halloween.  It hit me so hard I couldn't go out Trick or Treating with the kids on Halloween - first year I have ever missed since Calahan was born.  (CRY!) ...  anyway ... so both of us are on antibodics, we're both on multiple daily  nebbies ...

We are hanging out in our beds all day - coughing and hacking and feeling like we're going to die

So .... despite the sick factor right now.....  Every night is a struggle with meds.  The first cup there (on the left) is Kaedyn's.  That's his Zyrtec/Benedryl cocktail.   Then there is the pain meds Nate takes on a nightly basis to try to combat his migraines.  We have found that if we give him ibuprofen at bedtime, it helps him not wake up with migraines.  The second cup is Nathan's Zyrtec/Benedryl with addition of his migraine medicine cocktail.  Nathan's migraine med tastes like peppermint, but he doesn't like it ... so I put it in the cocktail to try to mask the taste he doesn't like.  The next one is cough meds.  The last one has his thyroid pill and his Singular (Asthma med) in there.   The only thing that he DOESN'T take o a normal nightly basis is the cough meds. PLUS in addition to that, he has his nightly shot of HGH (human growth hormone) ...  which isn't pictured.

You call Nathan in and he realizes what time it is .... this is the reaction that you see....

See how icky his poor little nose is from this nastyness we have?????

We try to get the worse assult out of the way.  Breaks our hearts on a nightly basis.

Ugh!  We're trying to come up with a way to make this easier for him.  Right now handing him the puppy and letting the puppy lick his face to no end helps by distracting him just a little.   

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