Friday, November 22, 2013

Amazing Video of Ward Miles - Premature through his first year...


I saw this video floating around on facebook.   I just couldn't not share it.  So of course I have to share it on here too.  With the fact that it is Premature Awareness Month ....  it's a touching tribute.

I have to say, that ...  the first scene, where she's holding him for the first time and doing Kangaroo Care ... I started to cry because, frankly - you never forget that feeling of holding your child for the first time, after days of their birth and the feelings that overwhelm you.  All those tubes and cords, and all of that makes it equally overwhelming because you have to balance all of it.

Now Noah was off the vent the first time I got to hold him, he had just actually come off the vent.  I had him on Friday afternoon (3:45pm), I didn't get to actually SEE him for the first time until after 9pm Friday night, and I didn't get to hold him - for the first time, until Sunday morning just after he came off the vent and was completely breathing on his own.  Regardless, he had IVs and cords and everything else.  Same with Nathan, he was never on the vent.  Luckily they had both been given the steroids to help their lungs to develop and it worked. But those feelings NEVER go away ....  

And I just sat there watching, watching Mom smiling, and trying to be strong for the camera, and I kept thinking - how can she not be bawling her eyes out right now..... and just after I thought that, she broke, and I thought........ there it is.

There it is....  

If you want to read more about amazing little miracle Ward, and his family - you can click HERE ... and read the article off of Yahoo.

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