Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 19 ~ Entry 3 (NDD) HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN!!

Nathan's Daily Diary - entry 3


He got up around 7:30 and was fussy – he did his normal morning routine (couch, blanket, chocolate milk, Blues Clues until he fully woke up) … he played with his new Kitchen for awhile and his other toys … he was dancing in the bubbles and had fun, and around 11pm he got super crabby and wouldn’t stop clinging and covering his head with his blanket. We gave him some ibuprofen and he was asleep shortly after. Again he ended up sleeping through lunch and well into the afternoon, not waking up until after 4:30 right when it was time to eat.

He came into the kitchen and was put into his high chair, he was very miserable. He wouldn’t eat, and was hitting his head repeatedly, and holding his head. He was whining and fussing during dinner and didn’t stop until we turned off the lights for him to blow out his candles. Then continued to after the lights were back on. So we let him down and into the living room (where it was darker cuz there were no lights on) and he was fine.

We settled down for Family Movie Night and he cuddled with Daddy, and after awhile, got down and played after it got dark outside. We gave him more Ibuprofen and he cuddled with Daddy falling asleep around 9.

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