Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 20 ~ Entry 4 (NDD)

Nathan's Daily Diary - entry 4

He ate some fruit loops for breakfast (maybe a handful), half a hot dog for lunch (the rest got thrown on the floor along with his yogurt drops) .. and for dinner we had cheesey noodles with chicken and he didn’t touch it again.

He has drank 4 cuppies of milk – offered him some apple juice but he wanted none.

He woke up this morning at around 5:30am and didn’t not stop whining, crying, clinging until 8 after his ibuprofen kicked in some. He didn’t want to drink milk at that point, and he just didn’t want me out of his sight (really he didn’t want anything but cuddles). After he settled down some and got his brother to bed for his morning nap, we sat on the floor and played for a little while. He was still very fussy so I broke down and put the sheet over the window to increase the darkness in the living room. Once I did that he was so much better and playing on his own. At noon I gave him lunch and after gave him some cuddles, which he didn’t really want, he crawled up on the couch and wanted to sleep so around 12:30 he fell asleep and slept until 4:30.

He woke up crabby and brought his blanket into the kitchen where I was doing dishes and just curled up by my feet while I finished, crying and whining and hitting my leg trying to get me to stop. Once I did, I picked him up and went into the living room to cuddle with him for awhile. He’s continued to follow either me or his Dad around while we weren’t holding him, just wanting to be cuddled right now. He’s playing on his own periodically, but over all he just wants to be held. After dinner he had a bath and was fine in there, seems that is one of the one places he can seem to relax. He played in his brothers room for awhile after, and I tried to cuddle with him from the time Daddy laid down his brother (around 7) to 9:30 when he gave up on me and wanted Daddy. Going to sleep is 98% of the time with Daddy because that is their thing… and he wanted Daddy tonight. He went in the hallway 3 times searching for where Daddy was, and the last time he sat there going “Da-da-da-da-da” as he started to cry. So I went and got Daddy and once he was in Daddy’s arms, it took less then a half hour for him to fall asleep.

He was talking a little bit today. Repeating words, even saying some on his own, not that anyone else would even remotely understand them because it’s still humming… but he did say “Thank you Momma” today. Melts my heart!

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