Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 23 ~ Entry 7 (NDD)

Nathan's Daily Diary - entry 7

Nathan woke up around 7am and took his normal place, watching his normal show, drinking his normal drink. As he watched me get Noah off to school.

Then started out the day by having to take Calahan to his school for a meeting with the Vice Principal. It went well, under the circumstances. Calahan came home with us, if that means anything to you.

After we got home it was time to make some breakfast. Eggos!! So after that Mom was dealing with Calahan a lot and taking care of Nathan & Kaedyn between giving Calahan a list of chores to do. Lunch time came around and it was time for pretzels and peanut butter (he ate okay) …

But we managed to fit some coloring, and some bubbles into the day. Then while Mommy was checking her email while the babies were sleeping, Daddy walked in – EARLY!! Yay!! He had finals so he got done early. Daddy got down on the floor and played with Nathan for awhile, and he did some bubbles too.

Nathan did lots of stuff, like watching the street sweeper going down the street, watching the birds, poking mom in the eye which is one of his favorite things to do. He went outside for awhile with his brothers, to go down the slides.

Dinner time eventually started to sneak up on is, Daddy went in the kitchen to start making tacos and Nathan joined him. He likes to play in the kitchen when Daddy is cooking. He played with the magnets on the fridge and the bowls and snacks on his snack shelf.

We sat down and ate, and he ate pretty well. He had a bath and settled down for bath time. I took his meds into the bathroom and Dennis gave it to him while he was in the tub.

Once he got out, he settled down and wanted to cuddle with Daddy. Pretty soon, he feel asleep around 8:30.

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