Sunday, May 3, 2009

April 24 ~ Entry 8 (NDD) *Dr Appts Too*

Friday, April 24, 2009 - entry 8 of Nathan's Daily Diary

It was an early morning for him. Originally Mommy & Daddy were suppose to take him to Marshfield for blood tests, a bone age x-ray, and urology appointment. But Noah got sick in the middle of the night, Mom was up all night and had to stay home with him. So Daddy took Nathan, it was just a guys day… in a not so fun way. (Daddy took pics with his cell)

He cried all the way there because of the sun being in his eyes. Dad tried to distract him but he just wouldn’t have it. He said that once they got to the clinic they got one of the metal strollers that they provide – Nathan being use to the double stroller he shares with his brother – loved that he had the taxi to himself! Not only that but he wasn’t strapped in, and that is ALWAYS a big ol’ BONUS in his book!!

So Dennis takes him to get his blood work started. See… they were going to do a blood, then give him some medication, and then an hour later, draw more blood. In that hour, he was going to the Urologist. And then after he was going to do the bone age x-ray.

So he goes and he checks in, and gets taken back for the start of the fun. Knowing that Nathan will NOT be happy.

Apparently (from what Dennis told me) when the nurse was trying to start the shunt to draw the blood (so he only had to get poked once) he got mad at her, pointed his finger at her and shook it “DA DADADA DA DA DA DADAA DADADA DADADADADADAA” He yelled.

“Is he cussing at me?” she asked… apparently she got the hint.

“Yes,” Dennis laughed. See.. Mommy and Daddy sometimes catch the wrong end of that angry finger! And he always takes Daddy’s name in vain when he does it!

Well apparently after they drew the first set of labs, they gave him whatever meds they were giving him. Dennis said he thought it was progesterone. He said he asked and was told it was a hormone test. (GAHHH how frustrating! If I had gone, I would KNOW, taken notes if I had to! LOL) … So he got all that done and was told to be back an hour later.

By the time they were done, Dennis called me and it was only a few minutes before they were suppose to be at urology… so after he said he was driving Nathan around aimlessly for the next however long, I said “but you are doing that on your way to urology right?” LOLOL… he had forgotten. So he got there, and saw Dr. T (the urologist) and I guess that Dr. T said that Nathan’s hypospadias is severe enough that even if he were to potty train and aim .. he would still end up peeing all over himself. He also said that he cannot find Nathan’s right testicle, so he wants an ultrasound down before surgery. If they can’t find it with the ultrasound, they’ll have to do some laparoscopic surgery (during his surgery I think) to try to find it. If they can’t find it and it’s in his abdomen then it could turn into a tumor. That is most definitely something we don’t want!!

After that appointment he got the rest of his blood work drawn and then went for his bone age x-ray.

He slept all the way home.

It was HOT, there were storms coming in that didn’t quite hit. Nathan ended up running around in his diaper during the afternoon. We were watching the little bit of rain we got, and the clouds, playing some and just goofing around most the afternoon (when I wasn’t busy with Noah). He helped me feed Kaedyn for the first time taking a little bit of an interest. We were just laughing a lot.

Cuddling Friday night with Daddy Nathan got a sour tummy (milk got too warm from the heat?) and ended up throwing up.

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