Sunday, May 3, 2009

April 27 ~ Entry 9 (NDD)

Monday, April 27, 2009- Nathan's Daily Diary entry 9

Unfortunately the weekend is a blur of sick Noah, and trying to keep everyone else from getting it. Mostly he just played, and did normal stuff. He is DEFINITELY eating better. That we have noticed. It’s not as good as we’d like to see, but maybe in time, it’ll get better.

He went to bed slightly late last night (around 10:15) .. but normally that doesn’t effect when he wakes up. Now, this morning – he didn’t get up until 11am! You can only suspect one thing, He’s getting the flu that Noah got on Friday. Mom isn’t feeling well either so it’s probably what is happening.a

Once he got up he was basically wanting nothing to do but to lay on the couch. We made some soup for lunch and he wasn’t interested. He wasn’t interested in dinner either.

When it came time to cuddle for bed, there came a time that he got really fussy and just couldn’t be calmed, shortly after that he threw up a couple of times. Finally he managed to fall asleep and then he dry heaved some through the night.

We have noticed that even though the only previous meds he would take without a fight was tylonal drops (infant) and the teething tablets. He fights getting ibuprofen in the medicine syringe and cough meds, but he asks for tylonal and teething tablets. Now I know he associates both those with HELPING his pain from teething. And now, with the migraine meds, we thought he would totally reject it also, it smells bad, it can’t taste good… but he willingly takes it. Totally willingly. We are starting to think that those meds that he associates with being pain free, or helping in some way, he takes willingly, but then again that doesn’t make sense either because the only thing that will touch his migraines that make it tolerable, is the ibuprofen. Regardless, we’re amazed that he takes his new meds, no problem.

(I realize that in the pictures, Nathan's face & clothes often look dirty, lol .. it's from his chocolate milk which is the ONLY thing he drinks. I use to change him all the time, but now, I do in the morning, at bedtime, or if he gets too bad. If I changed him everytime he got something on him - I'd be changing him every hour, lol)

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