Friday, May 8, 2009

May 7 ~ Entry 19 (NDD)

Thursday, May 7, 2009 – entry 19

Well this morning is the last morning that we take Cal to school because he gets to start riding the bus again tomorrow – yay!! But Nathan didn’t wake up until RIGHT before we had to leave, so it was a matter of grabbing him (and all the others) and rushing out the door.

Nathan hates the sun and of course it was supper sunny so he pretty much SCREAMED all the way there, and all the way back! It was much fun!!

I got him in the house (him and Kaedyn – one in each arm – it’s not easy, let me tell you!) .. and got them in the living room then I had to get meds ready. First off, the thyroid meds, started for the first time – today.


Now, I was told he gets HALF a pill, I can crush it up and put it in something (like a tiny amount of pudding) and he has to have it on an empty stomach, and with “plenty of water” … um… hum… okay, I think I can managed… but the water thing might be an issue.

Regardless – I did it (stay tuned tomorrow for a step-by-step how to get a 2 yr old to take a pill photo edition!) …

Then I waited a little while (half hour) before giving him his migraine med, and his milk.

He didn’t like waiting – he kept throwing out short bursts of loud unhappiness in my direction.

So all was MUCH BETTER when he morning routine commenced in it’s entirety!

Once he came over and crawled up on my lap, we read some books – pointing to pictures and getting him to try to say words … which… he didn’t. I love it when children make life easy and cooperate with you! (that was sarcastic, incase you couldn’t tell by the way I typed that)

So … we played, sang some songs, read… Nathan at one point tried to sit on his brother and smother him… all in all it was a good day…

We had lunch (hot dog, grapes & cheese today) … He did okay, ate about half the dog, all the grapes & some cheese.

Then I tried to get him to lay down, and when THAT didn’t happen … we started to play (see previously posted videos!) … and that was our afternoon. Playing, singing, teasing, tickling.. normal everyday stuff we do.

After the boys got home, we went outside and played for awhile. We took a walk in the woods and took some pictures .. and we played outside on the swing set for awhile. Nathan had fun, and he LOVES it

outside, especially and most definitely when there is a SLIDE involved. Although he did fall off a log in the woods, and he didn’t like that part of it very much.

After we came in, Cal played with him while I loaded videos & pictures and such.

Daddy got home, made some dinner… (grilled cheese sandwiches & salad) … Nathan ate well and kept making us laugh cuz he would shove sandwiches down his shirt … trying to hide them for later? … he ate some red peppers from the salad (which we know he likes) but didn’t really give him any lettuce, just a couple pieces.

After dinner, it was bathtime… which he ALWAYS loves. He is a water baby and at times it’s darn near impossible to get him out. However he does “clean up” and sings it now too, he has been for a couple weeks. It’s adorable and I *hope* to catch it on tape sometime. Nathan has also figured out the plug to the tub and now drains water, and gets REALLY mad when we won’t re-fill it.

After we were all done with bath, Kaedyn got settled and in his crib, Noah hop’d in the tub and Nathan settled down in Daddy’s arms, in the chair, to rock. Cal was down in his room. Shortly after settling down, Nathan was asleep!

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