Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 8 ~ Entry 20 (NDD)

Friday, May 8, 2009 – entry 20

Today was a tough day for Nathan. He woke up this morning and had his first uninterrupted morning routine in almost 2 weeks. However, after getting his thyroid pill, and a little while later, his migraine prevention med, his allergy med and finally his beloved morning cup of chocolate milk, he was fine for awhile and then started to get fussy so Daddy decided maybe he wanted cuddles. During the cuddles he got very combative and crying, which is usually a cue he’s going to throw up. Luckily he didn’t and we finally got him settled down on the couch… Nathan holding Daddy’s hand. (So sweet!) …

Okay well... they WERE holding hands... they saw the camera coming and POW... :: sigh :: LOL..

Daddy got up and made a late breakfast/early lunch and Nathan ate pretty well (about half of a small omelet) .. he got crabby again. We got him settled on the couch, thinking he might take a nap, but he didn’t.

After a little while of him being a bump on a log, on the couch, he started to get fussy again. Daddy had to go lay down himself after taking his migraine meds to get rid of a headache of his own, and we figured that was what Nathan’s problem was. I pulled down the curtain (extra sheet we keep over the living room window when Nathan gets like this to help ease the pain) … and as Daddy was getting up I was heading into the kitchen to get Nathan’s afternoon meds.

Seems like a lot doesn’t it? That is … (pink) Allergy Meds (orange) Ibuprofen and (clear-ish) migraine prevention meds. He get his migraine preventive meds 3 times a day. He get his thyroid pill (the one I have to crush up) once a day in the morning. He gets his allergy meds & Ibuprofen as needed.

So yeah, it is a lot for a 2 year old, however – it could be worse, so we are thankful it’s not.

Nathan’s afternoon was pretty laid back. We just tried to keep him entertained with books and tickling and just various stuff. Here is a video I did of Nathan and I this afternoon. (I actually wasn’t going to share it, but I guess I am) … (I had the screen flipped out so he could see)

We had dinner – pork chops & pasta w/ alfredo sauce and Nate ate a little but not a lot. After dinner he played for a little longer, got his evening meds, and then it was cuddles with Daddy, he was asleep in a few minutes, but not *solid*… he would burst into tears every now and then so he slept in the living room until Daddy went to bed (and I went to bed before he did).

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