Monday, May 4, 2009

May 3 ~ Entry 15 (NDD)

Sunday - May 3, 2009 - Nathan's Daily Diary entry 15

Today started out at 3am when Nathan woke Dennis up screaming. He managed to get him settled and back in bed, but he was up again at 4, so I got up with him, and he wouldn’t have bed again. I tried to snuggle him, I tried everything I could think of. But he was just over all fussy and couldn’t be calmed. He wasn’t screaming non-stop, you could just tell by his clingy, pushing you away, wanting snuggles, not wanting snuggles, mannerism that he just wasn’t feeling well.

Assumption, he’s getting another migraine. The throwing up a couple days ago, the hiding yesterday, maybe we’re starting to pick up on pre-signs of the headaches that he does leading up to the big headache? I finally gave him some cough medicine and ibuprofen at 6 – when I realized that his nose was also stuffed up, and knowing based on my own experience, you tend to get headaches a lot easier when your nose isn’t clear. So I gave him both, and his morning does of migraine meds (it’s preventative stuff not pain reliever) … so here is crossing my fingers that it won’t be so bad! Nathan fell asleep shortly after I gave him the meds, :: whew :: something that helped! MENTAL NOTE: give him the meds sooner next time, duh!

Blame it on my lack of sleep, seriously tired and frazzled when he gets up like that. It’s been awhile, and normally first thing I would do was give him the meds.

He woke up around 10 and was hungry. He actually signed “eat” and pointed to the kitchen. YAY!!!! It is VERY exciting to FINALLY see him use sign more.

He ate so well – he had eggs and bacon and even tried some potato (one of his foods he refuses) … but we were very happy to see him eating. It really does seem like every time we turn around now, he’s eating something. I already have been in the habit of having snack foods out at all times, just incase… so it’s good. He now, though, tries to eat things he shouldn’t. Like… Noah’s sidewalk chalk. Or paper, as I found in his mouth today…

Calahan played with Nathan a lot today. There are times that Nathan totally rejects his brothers. Today wasn’t one of those days. He has a hard time around anyone who’s not Mom & Dad, his therapists, his brothers, or his Nanny (Grandma). He is now totally rejecting medical personnel – however with as many of them as he’s been seeing, it’s really no wonder. Mom took the opportunity to get some laundry dealt with while Cal was playing with Nathan and either had the baby with her, or the baby was napping. Daddy was making something special for dinner and it took some time to make, so he was in the kitchen. We heard Nathan laughing a lot, and it was nice to hear. It’s amazing what you’ve realized you’ve missed when you don’t hear it often for awhile.

If Nathan did have a migraine coming on today, between the ibuprofen and the sleep he had this morning, apparently he curbed it. Which is great! But I think we may have escaped a bad one.

After dinner (he ate, eh… okay I guess, not the best, but I can’t complain with the way he ate at 11am) … he got his hair cut (wahhh – we should have left it because honestly, both Dennis and I think it just makes him look sicker) … had his bath, and then cuddled with Daddy for Ni-Night. He was out in no time at all.

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Thanks for following me! I am going to do the same to you! You have a support group for those with ADHD. My family is loaded with ADHD/depression,and lately mood swings like you wouldn't believe. Looking forward to getting to know you better.