Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4 ~ Entry 16 (NDD)

Monday, May 4, 2009 - Nathan's Daily Diary entry 16

Nathan woke up, had some milk, Blues Clues, couch… a little after 7 we had to go drive Cal to school and then we came back and Noah got on his bus. After Kaedyn had his bottle and laid down for his morning nap, Nathan came with me in the kitchen and I made him eggs for breakfast which he just devoured up. I folded some laundry while he ate, and we talked some (or should I say I talked, he babbled) …

After breakfast we came back into the living room and read some books, pointing out pictures and trying to get him to repeat me. He really only plays this game willingly with Erika (his Speech Therapist) … with me he just points and makes undistinguishable noises (eh… words?) … but he’s trying. That’s what counts. So between him and his brother tag teaming diaper changing demands, and him not sitting still during one of them, I opened up the drawer to the changing table looking desperately for something to distract him with, I saw his stethoscope we needed when he still had his NG tube. We needed it when placing it so we could be sure that the tube was in his stomach and not in – say – his lungs. So I gave it to him…

Then we had to play “Mommy likes to pretend she’s a photographer” cuz he was so cute. After he got bored with that, he grabbed his sister’s baby doll stroller (not that she’s ever played with it cuz she hasn’t been here – but this isn’t the place to get into that) … and he sat in it. He ACTUALLY stood up holding it up behind him and getting IT off the ground. That actually surprised me.

Then we had some lunch (lil smokies) and I had the grapes out putting some in a bowl to take with for snack, so he had a bunch of those too while he rode on his horsey in the kitchen while I made a bottle for Kaedyn and finished packing the diaper bag. We left soon after that for his audiology appointment.

We got there and I pulled out the big fancy stroller… how many times can you hear “Are they twins?” in one day!? A LOT! I swear that stroller and those babies turn more heads … lol..

Anyway – Nathan’s tampanagrams were completely flat. When she was doing the actual test, I was sitting with him in the middle of the small sound proof room – speakers on both sides. She started to play noises out of one speaker and then the other … and Nathan just sat there, like he couldn’t hear anything. She’s play the little drumming elephant or bear on each side of me, and he’d look at those – course they were noisy. It wasn’t until she talked that he really turned his head, and even then it had to be pretty loud.

So what does this mean?

She looked in his ears and said one had opaque fluid and the other was a slightly red, she wanted me to get him in to see Dr. W (Ped) and then as soon as he gave the go ahead, get him back in there for another test.

Now since getting the flu, Nathan has developed a cold too. With his cleft palate and everything – I am sure it’s affecting his ears too. He is not symptomatic for an ear infection, but I’ll call in the morning to try to get him in.

After a million “Oh my gawd they are so cute, just adorable, look at them” comments, we made it out of the clinic. Daddy was home and we stopped at home to pick him and Noah up before going to Walmart to get some stuff done and the getting dinner we came home. Calahan played hard with Noah before dinner, and after… I heard strings of giggles coming from the kitchen and then crashing toys. Gotta love having boys!!

We had pizza for dinner and Daddy made the comment that “Nathan can now find a plate down anywhere, goes right for it” … and “I really like his eating habits now.”

They have drastically changed, for the better. He loves grapes – he is addicted to them, I swear. We had to pick more up because between me, Noah & Nathan… they go fast. It’s good to see him eating things he normally wouldn’t eat too, like trying potatoes!

Shortly after he was done playing, he wanted bed. I got him changed, meds, milk, and Daddy cuddles, and he was out. Such a sweet baby… we love him SO MUCH…

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