Friday, May 8, 2009

May 6 ~ Entry 18 (NDD)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 – entry 18

Yesterday was so filled with … whatever, I have no idea what could *possibly* be in store for us today. Actually, it wasn’t much other then normal stuff.

Nathan got up and shortly after we had to get everyone in the van to take Calahan to school. After we got home, got Noah out the front door to catch his bus, we got Nathan’s “normal” routine going – meds, milk, couch & Blues Clues for about an hour before he is ready to truly get up for the day – however, the whole “taking Calahan to school” thing has thrown him off, he still enjoys his down time in the morning before being expected to perform like a monkey! Teehee… this morning was no different except for the fact that it is Wednesday morning, and at 8 am his Physical Therapist comes. Much to his dismay!

So at about 8am Katy comes and low and behold, Nathan looks at her like… “Excuse me, I haven’t had my ME time yet! You can turn right around and go home cuz you’re getting nothing from me.” And true to his word, eh… look … he was difficult. Katy and I talked some but over all, Nathan just wouldn’t give it up. So she left early … and Nathan claimed victory! :: sigh ::

So on the couch he went, and he had his ME time for about an hour, then I noticed he was down on the floor ready to play. We did a lot of playing with his kitchen and trying to say food names, or should I say – I said the food names repeatedly, drawing them out, and exaggerating sounds, and he looked at me like I grew two heads. Huh? Mom… seriously, I think you need some speech therapy .. your mouth seems to get stuck in certain positions and you just make funny noises. Yep, that’s how he was looking at me… with a confused devious glint in his eye.

He looks at me like that, a lot….

Eventually he wandered away to play with his Sissy's stroller (that the boys took over to play with) and he was walking with it (he takes it through the living room, through the kitchen, turns it around, and goes back) ... well he got back into the living room and tripped (or something) and got MAD cuz it fell on him, but then got interested...

So we had lunch and he demanded grapes with his hot dog. He is demanding grapes a lot lately. Now, he’ll go into the kitchen lay on the floor, kick the fridge if needed, until you come in and open it, then he goes into the fridge (not literally on the shelf, just in the way so you can’t shut the door is all I mean) … and either steals a grape himself, or points at it until YOU do it for him. Then he runs away happily with the grape until 2 minutes later he wants another one… then the process repeats, or mom just gets smart and gets him a bowl!

But mom is rarely smart … at least it’s debatable.. lol..

So … after lunch he actually wanted to nap, and so he crawled up on the couch and about 1:30 he was asleep…. And stayed that way until almost 4.

And after his nap, Dad and his brothers were home. He played all of them (separately) at times. Dad made dinner (Spanish Rice w/ Chicken) once Cal and Noah left to go see their Dad. Then we had dinner in the living room together ..

After dinner, and some playing with the animal puzzle trying to get him to watch me sign (say & make animal noises) animal names…. Which again, he just looked at me like I was cracked … Mom you are no Erika, stop trying, I’m not amused …though he did watch me do “Dog” with a smirk on his face…. but we tried, right? I have to look up a couple though … like Sheep, Donkey and Goat… they weren’t in my book.

After doing that, he snuggled up with Daddy, who crashed before he did, and I was up with him (Nathan, not Daddy) until about 10 when he FINALLY fell asleep. Yay!!

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