Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I got two awards!!!

I want to thank CandiceR at Mama's Insight for "A Sushi Grade Blog!" award!! You can see it proudly displayed in my menu to the side. It's my very first award over here at this blog!!

I got the same award at my other blog twice, and once over here from Shelley at I’m Still Standing. Thanks so much Shelley!! Again you can see it proudly displayed on the side!!

I have awarded BOTH awards to others, but over at A PAGE IN MY BOOK because all that stuff happens over there, this one is mainly just for the kids. I have 30 more people to award the "One Lovely Blog Award" to - and 15 of them are coming from this blog :) So - stay tuned for that (but you'll be directed over there most likely!)

1 comment:

shelley said...

i'm so glad you enjoyed the award, and you got it at both blogs! kuddos! hope you are having a wonderful wednesday!