Monday, May 18, 2009

May 9th - 13th - entry 21

This post covers from May 9th through the 13th... entry 21

Well things have been crazy here at home and I have NOT kept up on Nathan's D.D. as I should. Once you get a week behind, it's hard to remember the details of each day. I went to catch up last Thursday and then life ran away with me again as I tried my best to get ready for a quick thrift sale and take care of the family. Didn't work very well with blogging.

Over all, the whole week was so hard for Nathan. He was very clingy, whiney and just not himself. We figured he had to have another migraine but it wasn't as *bad* as the rest of them have been for him. So basically we just rode it out the best that we could!

Saturday, Sunday & Monday

Nathan had a very rough days. He woke up early and then whined SO MUCH. You could tell he was in pain for most of the day. He got his meds, he got some milk, some breakfast… and he just sorta vegged on the couch most of the morning.

I have come to realize this is NOT the same boy I gave birth to. The boy I gave birth to NEVER stopped moving. Nathan only moves around half the time lately.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nathan woke up at 4:30 this morning and was up until about 6 when he feel asleep in his highchair right before dinner. We went grocery shopping and he was even whining getting away from the house and usually he loves that.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nathan woke up immediately letting the house know that he wasn’t a happy lil guy! He had a very rough morning. He couldn’t seem to get comfortable and he didn’t. Katy came for therapy and Nathan wouldn’t work. He clung, he grouched, he let everyone know he just wasn’t going to do it. I had already given him his thyroid, migraine & allergy meds, but I ended up adding ibuprofen when she got here. Since starting the medication for the migraines it’s harder to gage the headaches, we know he is obviously still having them, but we just don’t think they are *as* bad. They seem to be slightly better. Maybe over time the meds will kick in more and more.

We had a very laid back morning and didn’t really do much of anything. He had fruit loops, and milk. He had some grapes. Around 11 it seemed to lift a little and he was better.

Around noon we had to go get Daddy (unplanned and Mom forgot his noon migraine meds). He ended up sleeping in the van. When we got back in our area, we stopped at Walmart. Got home and had some lunch, crackers, cheese & ham. He at the crackers and cheese, not a lot of the ham.

Friends came over and we ended up outside, when it started raining. Nathan wasn’t scared at all and he ended up having a BLAST playing in the rain. So I let him!!!

After we got inside – it was immediately time for a bath. After bath we got on PJ’s and had some snacks. I had milk available to him all day (probably drank 4 cuppies) … he had chicken nuggest for dinner. We had to go get Daddy’s car and then by the time we got home (8pm) he was asleep for the night.


kristi said...

He is so tiny!! Looks like he had fun in the rain.


Love the precious rain pics:)Looks like he had a great time.

Anonymous said...

no te da verguenza enseñar esas fotos pobres niños se ven tan mal ...