Friday, May 8, 2009

MAY 7th VIDEOS (both Nathan & Kaedyn)

I already posted all these on my other blog A PAGE IN MY BOOK but I wanted to share them on here too.

Video 1 – Kaedyn and Nathan – Nathan is walking and he turns in this one – yay!! (It is short cuz the phone started to ring and I thought it might be Dennis)

Video 2 - The Toilet Paper Roll Wearing Paci Stealing Toddler and the plastic grape eating infant! OMG I even sing in this one!

Video 3 - (this one is more one that shows his little quirks) … Starts off with the TODDLER RULES – if you don’t know them, you should LEARN them… it shows some examples of how he doesn’t respond, his temper fits, how he stands on his head, got maybe one spin in there I think – but in the end Kaedyn is being goofy ..

Video 4- who knew that a tongue could be such an interesting toy. LOL… Here is Nathan (listening) to a Blues Clues song .. he sorta does the “fish” sign on here – only two problems, it’s one hand and there weren’t any fish on TV … hummm…

Video 5: Nathan doing his thing with Blues Clues “Mail-time” Guests

HERE are a couple of older videos from last week I meant to post also...

And here are two of Nathan last week that I hadn't posted yet... he's signing (I think) LOL...
(Cal is singing with him, and me going think - ha ha)

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