Sunday, May 3, 2009

May 1 ~ Entry 13 (NDD)

Friday, May 1, 2009 - Nathan's Daily Diary entry 13

Today Nathan woke up around 8 and ended up watching a movie with Mom & Dad while cuddling on his couch spot with his milk.

After the movie was done, he watched some Blues Clues before he finally got up and played some with his toys. Then we got him some Fruit Loops and got ready to go.

Around noon we left the house, Nathan sat in the backseat with his brother while we ran some errands. Then we stopped at McDonalds and got lunch, he ate almost ALL of his chicken nuggets (usually he eats 2 out of the 4) while Mom hopped out of the van to check out some garage sales. After we did that, we ran a few more errands, and then went home.

We got home and got ready to go for a walk. Nathan enjoyed the walk, for the most part. We took the wagon with us too and he rode in that for a little while. He got nice and dirty and when we got home (2 hours later) he went right into the bath. He didn’t want to get OUT of the bath either. It was the first time he really threw a fit because he didn’t want to clean up and kept asking (pointing to the water faucet) to warm the water up.

We have been working on the signs for “Bath” a lot. When I used it tonight saying (in sign) “No Bath, All Done” then adding it was time to eat (also in sign) he got mad and threw himself down in the water in classic two year old fashion.

After getting dry and dressed, we sat down to eat some chicken and potatos, gravy, mac & cheese, baked beans…. He ate VERY well, mostly some chicken and mac & cheese. He was however, falling asleep in his highchair. So when he was sitting there, and just couldn’t seem to move anymore, Daddy got him cleaned up – cuddling him to sleep. He slept for maybe a half hour before getting up again. Then he was up until about 9:30, when he finally went to bed.

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