Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 17 ~ Entry 1 (NDD)

Nathan's Daily Diary - Entry 1

Today we had ample appointments in Marshfield. Nathan had an MRI. Saw the Neurologist and she asked us to start keeping a journal of Nathan’s days. She agrees that since the MRI showed no change in the Dandy Walker and no sign of hydrocephalus that we may be right in our assumption that he is having migraines. She is starting him on a medication. Once we get it (it had to be ordered) we will give him a tiny dose once a day for a week, then twice a day for a week, then finally three times a day…

Nathan handled today pretty well, with both Dennis and I here together we could each concentrate on one of the boys when appointments weren’t going on.

Nathan started to show some signs of possibly having a migraine start when he started seeking out the darkest part of the room. He was at least suffering from light sensitivity, and was very over tired. He did not eat anything really at all. A couple bites of graham crackers, that was it. He was hungry before bed, so we gave him a hot dog and he ate some of it. Still just not eating a lot. He drank some water today and 3-4 cuppies of chocolate milk.

After eating dinner he got a bath and was asleep by around 8pm.

He slept poorly, around 2am he started stirring and crying. Gave him a cuppie of water and ibuprofen and he settled down.

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