Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 16 ~ Doctor Appointments

Genetics (Nathan), X-Ray (Nathan) & Orthopedics (Nathan & Noah)

It's been a long day and only saw 2 doctors! Genetics ... was told that they are thinking Nathan may have Russell-Silver Syndrome (type of dwarfism, get as tall as 4 foot 11 or something like that) ... on top of that, saw the Orthopedic and was told he has Scoliosis (although minor) – I saw the x-ray myself and I could see it – it’s slight but he definitely has the curve to his spine ... and if Noah's legs/feet don't get better by the end of the year, most likely he'll have to go in casts for 3 weeks to stretch out his tendons, DR told us to stretch him out at least once a day. Great… I get to inflict pain on my son everyday – does he know how hard it is to do that? ... it was just good news on top of good news on top of good news today!

Genetics is running a UPD test & FISH test ... along with Autism blood work (yes there is blood work now, look down and read the article about the link to chromosome 16) ... the blood work doesn't ALWAYS show it but it's a step I guess.

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