Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 21 ~ Entry 5 (NDD)

Nathan's Daily Diary - entry 5

Nathan woke up about 7:30 this morning and he did his normal blanket, cuppie, Blues Clues routine.. he had a waffle and was actually up playing for awhile this morning. By 10 am you could tell he was feeling better, so I opened the curtain (and sheet) in the living room and tested the light water, he seemed to do well. He went to bug Daddy in the kitchen while I cleaned up the living room to get ready for his Speech Therapy. When Erika got here, Nathan immediately “assumed the position” sitting down in the middle of the living room waiting for whatever game they were about to play. She brought chocolate pudding, and graham crackers, he had no interest in the pudding but ate some of the crackers. Erika was trying to show him the sign for “cracker” …

After therapy we had some lunch - he had some chicken & pickles - Daddy made chicken salad for him and I but just gave Nathan some chicken… He actually ate all the chicken and some of the pickles.

After that we had to run for Nathan & Kaedyn’s Well Baby Visits, Nathan’s 2 year and Kaedyn’s 6 months a month late (cuz he’s 7 months). Nathan was 16lbs 1oz and 30 inches (rough measurement on the exam table – he was 28 inches exact measurement when the Endo DR did it Friday) … Kaedyn was 18lbs 10oz and 28 inches (rough measurement) … we talked of all the appointments Nathan had and various other stuff. Kaedyn was easy, everything was perfect, nothing wrong, other then him having some Eczema – which he’s had since birth pretty much. Both got shots … Nathan got his HepA and Kaedyn got harpooned 3 times. Nathan also got his Iron checked.

After we did that, they both fell asleep in the van while Dennis and I ran some errands (including picking up Nathan’s new medicine for his migraines), sleeping until we got home. Once we got home it was dinner time, So they both went into their high chairs immediately and we ate. Daddy had made some home made chicken soup and Nathan picked some of the chicken and noodles out. He ate very well for what he has been doing. You can tell that the migraine is over. I gave him his meds, right now it’s 1 mL once a day for the next week.

After dinner Nathan played for awhile, and finally settled down and crashed with Daddy at about 10:30. While playing Nathan was acting a little funny. One of the side effects is dizziness, so we’re wondering. Plus he was just in a goofy mood – not sure if that’s the meds or him being more his normal self after fighting the pain for several days.

(PS - such a weird looking picture, but I catch him smiling so rarely on camera these days - I think he was in the middle of

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i wondered how you were.. congrats on Kaedyn!