Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Monkey In The Asylum *Day 8* Exhaustion

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I got to start my morning by waking up at 3 whatever AM and noticing a nice puddle of milk on the floor.  The nurse was in the room doing stuff.  He didn't notice.  I sat up and pointed....  grumbled some sleepy utterances that he apparently understood cuz he goes "oh no" and "his bed is all wet too" ....   the port had completely popped out and there was milk all over the bed, the sheets, tagged his blankets, tagged Ben.... the pillow case... all of it.

So I got to start my morning at about 3:30 AM going upstairs to the family lounge and doing laundry.

Outside the family lounge is this art display of all these artsy squares .... I love looking at this.  I feel like I find new ones everytime I look and I know they've been there the whole time.

Got back to the room, gave him Ben back and his blanket .... didn't want to wake him so I didn't put the pillow case on.   But when Nathan woke up, he started throwing up.  He ended up spending a lot of the morning throwing up :(


Laptop broke so updates may be short now. Nathan's BP has been decent. He has been maintaining alright. Which is great news. Bad news is that he was throwing up most the morning. Even after he got meds. I think he threw up most of the feed they gave him last night. Last night I woke up at 3 AM, saw a puddle of formula on the floor. He ended up needing a full bed change. His blanket, pillow case, stuffy all got hit. I ended up doing laundry at 3:30 in the morning. And then I ended up sleeping all day. Mostly after DB got back here. I am just exhausted. Nathan had been in some pain, uses iPad to zone out. Other than that, don't really have any new answers.

Ice Ice Baby .... I love hospital ice....

Poor guy is so spent - He slept and I slept ... most of the day.

Nate got sent two new buddies!!!   Giggling Elmo.  I love the card so much ... "you're being prayed for in Australia! Even the Kangaroos are pulling for you!"

And then this little black bear showed up.  Nathan spent a lot of time hugging this guy along with Ben.  He named this little bear Sam.  Sam was also his day nurse!

Being watched by Ben, Sam and Yodel ...  I love that he is able to sleep - and sleep peacefully for the most part.

Really we just, both, spent a lot of time sleeping.  He'd wake up, I'd wake up ....  he'd sleep, I'd sleep.  We both slept a lot.  I guess we were both just exhausted :/

Next up:  The Monkey In The Asylum *Day 9* Out of the ICU

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