Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Monkey in the Asylum Day 1 & 2

First, I have some catching up on this blog.

Second, I don't know what to entitle this blog....

Mystery Diagnosis Duex ?

I don't know.   I guess I'll go with what I figure out in a few.

Regardless, I feel like I have gone through this story a hundred times already if not five hundred.

Yesterday, Nathan was complaining about his back hurting, a lot.  I haven't actually ever heard him say "a lot" before.  But he did.  He said his sides were hurting too, mostly complaining about his right side.  So .... he asked me for some medication - also something he doesn't normally do ...  and he said "Hurry" which is another thing that made me go hummmmm.....  never done that before either.

So ....  fast forward a little bit.  I gave him a suppository thinking he might be constipated.  He pooped a little, pooped a little more... said he felt better.

But he spent time on my bed in clear pain.

It was later that night - when we were getting him ready for bed... that I noticed that his right scrotum was very red, very swollen and painful to the touch.  Yeah.  That can't be good.  Got him settled for bed.

I called the next morning (Thursday morning) and got him an appointment to see one of the doctors at the clinic late in the evening.

Nathan was complaining he was in pain again.  Back and sides again.   He wanted to lay down and use my phone to play on and I told him it was almost dead....

He wasn't amused ....

At this point he was kinda wallowing in pain.  It was almost time to go to the Doctors ....

Got dressed and got silly!

He gave Mommy a tiny flower she put in her hair.  But look at the smiles!

And then he melted down on the grass and was in pain :(

Nathan was not HAPPY at all about having to put on hospital bracelets ...

  We got there,  He was looked over ... she wanted us to go to the ER to make sure that his testicle wasn't twisted.   So we did, and he got an ultrasound done.  Everything looked good.

Testicles were not twisted and so we were given the OK to go home, was just waiting for his first dose of antibiotics ....

Once we got the meds, and the discharge papers ...  we hit the road Jack.   There was a very beautiful sunset going on ....  so I had to take a few pictures

He was diagnosed with a UTI and Epididymitis (which is an infection in your scrotum around your testicle.

Kaedyn at home reading over Nathan's potential Zombie Virus

Me - well I was getting ready for bedtime meds - can't you tell from the tube extension around my neck?

Sadly after meds, Nathan got sick around 10:45 PM and kept getting sick until about 3 AM.  He kept throwing up his meds.  I even gave him some anti-nausea meds and he still threw up for an couple hours after.

Ugh.... Poor Baby ......   We considered taking him back in but thought it was probably the meds, so we figured we'd just call in the AM to see if they wanted to switch it.

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