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The Monkey In The Asylum *Day 5* Party Like A Rockstar!

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So ....  first off .........

I figure, if I can spend my birthday in the hospital with him last summer, I can certainly celebrate this Mother's Day - ROCKING the hospital room!

I got the best and worst Mother's Day gifts today!!!

Facebook Update:  6 AM Sunday - Mother's Day - Update: So last night Nathan took a bit of a turn. For whatever reason the redness was coming back on his face. Even the white of his eyes again. His blood pressures haven't been real good either. The ICU team was consulted when we were in the ER because they were on the fence of admitting him to the ICU or reg. Ped Room... and the ICU staff thought he could be in a reg. room - however, they have been following and checking in multiple times a day (and night) and they were going to say he's good, he's on the mend yesterday, she said "I'll come back one more time" and then... low and behold, it's no longer "we think he's good" it's back to "yeah, we're worried." He was awake for maybe 3 hours TOPS yesterday, with other mini wake ups here and there to holler at us about pain, potty, or what not - then back to sleep. After throwing a fit for hours in the ER after he couldn't eat or drink - he is only taking a few bites here and there (of mostly fruit) and sometimes I have to threaten to cry if he doesn't drink, and he'll finally drink for me. (He is on maintenance fluids right now.) He got his feed last night and tolerated it. One of his two IV sites blew so he's back down to one. His heart rate has been pretty good.... 100's 110's ... His kidney functions are definitely better. He is still on IV antibiotics. Um..... can't think of anything else to update on. Happy Mother's Day!! I spent my birthday in the hospital with him last year, why not Mother's Day this year!?!? LOL.... Anyway - I am tired. I'm going back to sleep (6:15 AM) ... I got up because Nathan was crying .... yep, going back to sleep.

After today - I cannot even EXPLAIN how much this kid is my HERO!!   I am not even kidding.

Okay - so let's get on with it.

Nathan has spent a lot of time teetering back and forth on the line.  He'll get better, he'll get a bit worse, he'll get better, he'll get worse.   ICU checked on him a few times during the night and they said that they were okay with him - thought they were pretty confident that things were on the up swing.   Which was WONDERFUL news!!!

Thank you SO MUCH Canida!!!!

He managed to eat a stalk of celery ....  a couple bits of a watermelon .... 1/4 a strawberry ....

And I got the bright idea to color in his pain scale so maybe he'd use it ........ NAILED IT ....

He slept a lot today too - but he was awake a little more.  He lost both the IV's that were placed at Harrison at this point.  They replaced one in his right hand.  So at this point, he has one IV in his right hand.

And then dinner happened and he ate HALF OF A GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH and drank some CHOCOLATE MILK!!!  I was soooooooooooo happy!!!!

If that didn't thrill me to the bone - THIS DID.... he got up and walked down the hall!!   He took a break at the half way point...

And then........ I GOT A SMILE!!!!  I mean - what could be better!?!?!  WHAT?  I mean other than going home... but WHAT???  Seriously??

8PM walks (he got up twice to walk.  The first time he walked down to the parent lounge, and took a break inside the lounge, and then we walked back to his room.  So then he wanted to get up again and walk but I had made him wait for about 20 minutes or so before we walked up and down the hall again, this time it was a little shorter walk, but no break.) ....  that turned into 9PM meds and bed....  into about 9:30 Vomiting ... (He is coughing in the picture, I promise) ....

Luckily he fell asleep after he threw up his meds.

I remember when he announced he needed to throw up, he didn't have a bucket and I had rushed across the room because I had one they had given me to put some stuff in.  So I literally dumped it out and rushed back to him, and he coughed and in a few minutes the vomiting started.

FACEBOOK UPDATE - 10:37 PM -   ‪#‎SuperNathan‬ just took a turn. 10:20 PM Sunday night. Just spent the last hour trying to figure out what happened. (He is coughing, not puking in that pic).... So, 9 PM he got his night time meds and his antibiotic. A little while later he started screaming, he told me he hurt EVERYWHERE (was a 10 on the pain scale) and was itchy. Really itchy. He screamed he needed to poop and we went to the bathroom, he didn't. Got back in bed, he was trembling. After a while his shaking was out of control. Then he started curling into a ball. At that point he was telling us he needed an ice pack (for his belly) screaming it really ... He was an 8 on the pain scale now. Then he screams "I am going to puke".. And about 5 minutes later he was. Doctors were called (I later found out a Rapid Response was called on him). They came in, saw this at full glory. No one knows what is going on. Do a blood pressure and the machine can't seem to figure him out, really confused, goes up - registering a high BP - then down - with a low BP -  and back and forth, he's screaming cuz it's tight and hurts... And it registers.... -?-/-?- .... Not even joking. Do it again, same confusion, but this time it's 166/130.... Doc asks him where he is hurting and he yells "I trying to sleep!!!" Doc is like.... Um okay then.... Poor doc. So I start asking him, head hurts, belly hurts, legs hurt, arms hurt ... Everything hurts and he is a 10 again. His heart rate is way up, his breathing is rapid, feeling warm again. Just did his BP again and it's -?-/-?- again... He is miserable. I can really only sit by and watch. It's just not cool. Temp of 100.8 ATM. Mom is freaking out.

He managed to fall asleep.

At this point - his heart rate was anywhere from 135  to 189 - his respiratory rate was crazy rapid...  they were trying to figure out what was going on.  What caused this --- doing so well --- to crashing so hard.   There was some speculation that it may be a reaction to the oral antibiotics they started him on.


The same meds he had just started before he started to throw up on Thursday - spiked the 105 temp and the red body rash....   could it be an allergic reaction.  The one doctor insisted there was no way.  Other's disagreed.

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