Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Monkey In The Asylum *Day 9* Out of the ICU

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Nathan woke up super nauseated again.  Cold washcloths are major comfort to him.

We got news after rounds that we were going to be moving to a regular room.  I didn't hesitate on packing up!

Then we found out that it was going to be awhile and we may end up staying one more night in the ICU.  Nathan was just tired.

They did a suppository on him....  brought this in.   Yep.   That's about all he did - stare at it. 

Look at those stats!!   Soooo much better!!!  Amazing!!!  And off soooo much of the support!  Eating strawberries in bed.....

Nathan got a bath (real water and soap bath - not the bath wipes - still while he was in bed), bedding change, new leads, new gown (he isn't naked anymore!) .... He isn't eating much, drinking a few sips here and there.... Now he is taking a nap. He has been smiling and laughing! Which is amazing!! He is still extremely weak. He can barely move himself. He needs help to sit up. But that will get better. We are still in the PICU and maybe here tonight too. ‪#‎SuperNathan‬. Thank you to those who got him the Elmo and black Bear, he loves them. Sorry I haven't had the chance to thank you properly.

3pm he just petered out .....

Nate's nap gave DB and I the chance to eat together, in the tiny little parent lounge with no windows and three chairs.  Which was really nice, eating together, not the room ....  I'd been sleeping in a chair, couldn't eat together... had to walk a mile to pee .....  but I came back from dinner and saw this.  I turned, found Sam (his day nurse) and said "Does this mean we have a room?"   She's like - yep!

Last pictures of Nathan in the ICU ..... just before they started to move his bed through the hallways.... he was sleeping.  He slept the whole time.

This is the back of Sam the awesome nurse taking Nathan to his new room with some help....  and us with our large amount of accumulated stuff.....

We ended up getting placed right next door to the room we had started out in.  After the ER we were placed in the "old room" which we were in until he got put in the ICU... and after the ICU we were placed in the "New Room" .... ha ha ha... funny.

Scale and potty outside the door ....  Nathan lost about 3 lbs  :(

We got a care package from a fellow RSS Mom and we soooooooooo greatly appreciate it!!!  Sadly, they didn't even bother to let us know and we had to hunt it down.  Boo!

Nathan in his NEW room.... giving me the "eye" ..... well.... eyes....

Nathan's Room .....  we never had a roommate in this room - woot woot!

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