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The Monkey In The Asylum * Day 4 * The Day of Sleep

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Facebook Update:  11:25 PM Friday Night ....  I am about ready to crawl into the bed with Nate and use him as a personal heating pad....

So ....  we finally got a room at about 11:50 PM on Friday night ....  we headed up there then.  Just after midnight, we were finally getting settled....

Facebook Update:  4:36 AM - Woken up to help Nathan pee. He peed. I sleep now. Yay. He is I shall too. Oh yeah, at some point during my short slumber.... We got a roommate ....yay (she says sarcastically)

Facebook Update: 9:17 AM - Saturday morning UPDATE: okay so this morning so far .... He isn't as swollen, but he is still swollen. He is uncomfortable. Complaining mostly about his head hurting and his belly .... His kidney function is better. He is looking a little better, not as septic.... Luckily we caught all this early. He has been on IV antibiotics since yesterday ... Ummm... He still is far from being himself.

I have a "Pain Face Scale" on my phone that I pull out and use whenever I need to - at home, at the hospital, whatever, where ever.... if I suspect Nathan is in pain and need to get to the bottom of it... I whip it out.  So, it's on my phone.  Middle of the night - Nurses aren't real excited to wake me up and go "can you pull up the pain scale on your phone" because he won't even respond to the uni-faced alien looking thing they call a pain scale that they have in every room - literally - most the faces look a like.  So one of his nurses got smart and printed Nathan off his OWN PAIN SCALE!   Too bad he won't use it - apparently color makes a difference.

Someone is up and looking at the computer!!  Trying to get him to eat some breakfast but he is 100% not interested.  He also wasn't interested in really using the computer.  He looked at it for a bit, then said he was tired....  wanted me to move it and let him sleep.

Before Nathan could go back to sleep - he got a couple of gifts from some of his honorary Aunties :)

So he is trying to smile but his lips are dry and chapped and hurting

After a nap he actually DID spend about an hour on the computer!!   YAY!!  That's a great sign!

Swelling is still there, but it's gone down.

Got Nathan this in the gift shop - ha ha ha ...  he won't even touch it.  It's a SENSORY THING though and I'll get him to love it... when he's feeling better.  Right now it just grosses him out.

Facebook Update:  5:06 PM .... Saturday Afternoon update. So Nathan was awake for a good hour today - he watched a little youtube, ate a few grapes and some cucumber. Then he was spent and back to sleep he goes. He wakes up to potty and cooperate during vitals (and yell at everyone, and express his great dismay) but we're thankful for the times he is waking up :) 

 Right now it looks like we are going to be here for a few days (Yay! Mother's Day in the hospital! I AM SO (not) EXCITED!) ... Good news is - his kidneys are already improving, and his color is almost normal... the whites of his eyes are white again, the swelling in his face, hands and feet have gone, the circulation in his hands and feet are better .... (they were cold yesterday during his rip roaring fevers) ... oh and the sepsis is better too. His color is good, his BP is a lot better.... his heart rate isn't dancing around the 160's anymore.... they are keeping his fever at bay, and his pain in the tolerated range.... and he just sleeps. When he's hurting he'll let you know. He is very weak, I had him up on his feet for about 10 seconds today. He is very very very shaky .... but he is improving, and he looks better, and that's what we are focusing on smile emoticon He even laughed today!! And tried to smile a couple of times, his lips are very dry and chapped and sore.

Still sleeping ....  A LOT ....

This is my kind of dinner, just sayin.....

I notice the redness coming back on his face.  Odd.....  Hard to catch it on camera - so I'm trying different things.  You can see it around his eyes, and it's like around his nose and mouth are his normal coloring,...

Life Flight taking off ....outside our window.....

This BP was 73/48 ....  not so good....

He is one sick little boy :(   Boo!

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