Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Monkey In The Asylum *Day 11* We're Going HOME!

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So he is off IV fluids and support. His cath was removed (with resistance and two attempts)... In 4 hours he will have a bladder scan. Depending on that, we could finally go home. He seems to be tolerating his new oral antibiotics...

After the doctors started to trickle in a bit .... and they shocked me by saying that most likely - we'd be going home!  I was ... truthfully - a little scared, but oh so excited.

I am faced the fact that my son was sooooooo sick he was in the ICU and they ALMOST couldn't manage his blood pressure.  And he flipped the coin so quickly from doing so well to doing badly and lets face it - we THINK it was because of the meds, but we don't REALLY know for sure right now.  And that's scary.   That's really scary.   Luckily - we are literally 5 minutes from our local hospital and ER.

Nathan was showing a little more of himself, and that made me feel better.  He was "cutting" his fruit, putting it on the end of a fork, and eating it... lol....

He pooped!!!

So I made him get up and walk.  They unhooked him from all the monitors, and didn't put him back on.  We walked down to the parent lounge, down the hallway the opposite way, went back to the room and after awhile we walked down tot he playroom.

When we got back, he wanted to sit in the chair instead of the bed.  Yay!!!  I ended up taking off his leads and all that....  and we got dressed in REAL clothes prior to walking down to the playroom.

This was a really cool mobile in the parent lounge.  I got a picture of it after we got the okay to go home and I was packing up the food we had left in the refrigerator and freezer in the lounge.

Nathan didn't need to be told twice -  He got in his wheelchair and he put Sam in his shirt, and hung onto Ben and was all ..... lets get out of this joint!!!

And he was BEYOND happy when we got in the van .....   We're OUTTA here!

Goodbye Seattle - can't say it's been fun.   Not this time....  

He finally crashed in the van on the way home....  still holding Sam and Ben by his side...

Home ..... I'm ready to sleep for a year....

But here is his feed bag for the night.   Home Sweet Home!  Yep!

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