Thursday, March 6, 2014

Noah gets fitted for his leg braces ...

Noah is getting NIGHT BRACES for both feet to help stretch out his tendons ... he is STILL walking on his tip toes and his muscle issues in his legs are rotten.  He has been complaining more and more about the pain in his legs.  We think *some* of it is growing pains, but the rest .... his every day normal everyday pain.  He has such a hard time, it breaks my heart sometimes.  His right foot is worse than the left, I guess... so he's getting a brace for just his right foot.  He's getting a DAFO 2.   Unlike Nathan's Sure Steps, Noah's has a hinge on it.  He had to be casted for it ....  which - he thought was a pretty cool process.  

These are the various colors and patterns he picked for the various parts.  Blue velcro, flame design for the velcro, red padding, and skull design for the whole thing.

 After that was all done he got his night time braces for both feet.

After we went and ran some errands, and he actually let me do this to him.  Hee hee....

Pssssssssssssst ... does the sign make him the Energizer Bunny?

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