Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Nathan goes to the ER

.So ....  Nathan has been sick, which doesn't bode well for his upcoming surgery on the 12th.   He has been coughing like crazy, gasping for air while he's been coughing, the nebbies don't seem to be working ... it's been crazy.

So because of his upcoming surgery, I wanted to make absolutely sure that it was nothing more than his asthma.

Luckily - it wasn't ...  they did an x-ray and there was no pneumonia and the didn't think he had bronchitis, and it wasn't croup (cuz I know croup) ... they thought it was just viral ...

But he loves to wear his mask - however, today, he didn't like it much.  He had trouble breathing through it.

We were waiting in the waiting room and I turned the camera so that he could see himself (on my phone) ... and I would peer over one of his shoulders, and he would move to block my head, and I'd move to the other side, and he'd do the same.  LOL....  

We were told just to continue the nebbies.  :/

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