Thursday, March 27, 2014

Off to the DR with my SHOOTING DINO!

We had appointments today.  Daddy had one today in Seattle and Nathan had one with his Autism Doc..

Out the door with the T-Rex shooting Dino-boy for a (not) fun day of driving and appointments

Chocolate Lucky Charms .... better and more addicting than crack....

Mom got bored....... 

 Um... isn't Blue (from Blue's Clues) supposed to be BLUE???   But ... Red is cool....

Nathan's appointment with Doc T was good today - Doc T is his Autism Doc. Nathan was previously placed into the NOS-PDD classification. Because the previous doctor who was following him saw that he used his imagination and that he made eye contact and wasn't afraid of people. That didn't fit with the classic Autism .... so, he wants me to do another assessment so that HE can determine, and in his office today - he said he was pretty sure that he would be put into the clear Autism area ... he's just a unique Autistic because he does make eye contact, he does talk (or try to) and have a little bit of a conversation, he has an imagination and he has absolutely no stranger danger, he has no sense of danger at all... he stims and various other things. He wants him to get an ABA and in order to do that, he's pretty sure the Autism classification needs to be there (for the insurance)... and feels the other doctor may have mishandled Nathan a little since he doesn't present typically. So the assessment is already done - I added everything up, he scored a 108 (you can see where he falls in the picture attached to this status) .... so yeah.... I have known he was Autistic since he was 18 months old, this is no surprise, but it still makes me a little sad. I love Nathan, I wouldn't change a thing about him - but some days, you just wish that your special little people could have to do with out so much interventions and medical crap

Stopped to get something cheap to eat before heading home. .... this is Nate with his drink. .. just love his facial expressions. ..

Never seen him more excited over ice cream (free ice cream at that!) He would never touch ice cream or popcicles so these little things are so awesome

 Homeword BOUND!

Our little reader. .... I love that my kids love books!  LOVE IT!

When I did the evaluation,, I was a little surprised where that he feel in the highest area.  He barely did - but he did.

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