Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Kaedyn is my mini-me........ I mean, let's face it, the kid looks just like me.  ::: Looks around cautiously :::  He acts just like me too .... shhhhhhhhhhhh .....  but one thing I really HOPED he wouldn't be like me with was allergies.  I'm allergic to EVERYTHING ....... and I'm not even kidding when I say that.  Molds ... yep! Pollen, you betcha! Animals, of course!  Soaps & stuff... of course!!  Medicines ... sure, there are a few.  Foods ... name a fruit, I'm probably allergic to it.  I thought it was fruits AND veggies, but it's mostly just fruits.  What aren't I allergic to? 

Well, Kaedyn has been having small hives here and there through the summer, benedryl has become a nightly staple between his itching (oddly it seems to help when he's really itchy with his eczema) ... and his hives.   I thought the hives were just an environmental thing... but last night, he was COVERED in LARGE hives and small ones.  They were all over his back, his butt, his legs, his arms... I don't know when he got them but boy did he get them!!

Here are some pictures I took before Dennis took him into urgent care to document the case so we can get him some allergy testing.  There are 4 pictures, the lighter ones are the normal ones, and then the identical ones below them are with contrast to make the hives pop out a little better........

This scares me.  I have sooooooo many allergies, it's hard to know what he's allergic to.  Especially since he didn't eat anything out of the ordinary yesterday that I know of - other then candy corn, but he had some of that last year.  Dennis has anaphylaxis when it comes to lobster and other shell fish, to the point where he needs an epi pen.

Then I gave him the prednisone and benadryl this morning, and gave him a bowl of cereal ... next thing I know, he's throwing up.  Then he didn't eat anymore.  So I really think maybe his throat was affected too. 

I called to try to talk to the Doc this morning.  Sadly she didn't have anything available today, so I am talking to the DR tomorrow morning, first thing, and I'm going to get him in for allergy testing ASAP ...

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