Thursday, November 17, 2011

iPad and Autism


So I'm working on a presentation for my Multimedia class.   It's entitled: "A Day in the Life of a Technology Savvy Autistic Child."  It's basically just some pictures of Nathan watching TV, playing on the computer, playing on my cell phone.... watching the sewing machine... etc.  At the end, I added this video.

It's from 60 Minutes - about less then two weeks ago...

It's one of the things we're fundraising for.  The communication device, that makes sentences, would be AMAZING.  The sooner he gets it - the better.  We're also raising funds to get the conference this coming summer in Illinois.  Families affected by Russell Silver Syndrome and the leading experts are all going to be there, not to mention getting an appointment with THE leading expert on RSS to get medical advice on how to help him.

There is also an article here: How iPods & iPads Help Autistic Students

This is the App we want to get him.....  ProLoQuo2Go

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