Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Packing up for the hospital ...

Packing up for the hospital ...

This is all the stuff we are taking with for him to do, it is the Children's Hospital but Nathan will have a catheter for a week after the surgery (well until the following Thursday.) We aren't sure how long we'll be at the hospital, we're HOPING it wouldn't be the whole week, but we don't know. So he's not going to want to be up and walking around.... he's going to be awful sore "down there" ...

I have one pajama set packed, a bunch of PJ bottoms for him to wear under his gown if he wants (depends on his if he's too sore), and two outfits.

I have the wall wart for his leap pad and his headphones (Leap Pad yet to be found) ... I have his Gryphon ... and Max, and we'll pack up Beanie (his blue teddy bear that has on a bunny suit) ... and his purple dinosaur closer to Friday. I got his Angry Bird Piggy pillow packed in my suitcase right now. We'll put his loveys (Beanie and Dino) and his blankets in his backpack. I'm gonna take the book I'm reading - plus two extras. My laptop. The tablet. I gotta get my clothes packed ... I have to get some things washed which means a trip to my Mom's to do so... Bathroom stuff packed, diapers (even though I know they'll provide them, I like to have a couple with - ya never know.) ... the whole diapering process will be nuts... you have to have one on with a hole cut in one to support his little boyhood... put that on first, and then another one on to cover it. It's a process - let me tell you.
So ...  Nathan came in the bedroom and saw me packing, wanted to get into it ALL .... and when I sat down and explained to him that in 3 sleeps we have to go to the hospital for a few days, we have to make sure we pack up all the stuff we need ... he left.   A minute later, he came back with his big fuzzy soft purple blanket.

I had to tell him he can still use it for his three sleeps, we'll put it in his backpack before we go.

Things to Find...

  • Leap Pad
  • Angry Bird blanket
  • blue silky blanket
  • Beanie
  • Purple Dino

Things to NOT FORGET...

  • Cell 
  • Cell charger
  • laptop
  • Pillows and Blankets (cuz the hospital ones suck) 
  • Add diapers to the packing
  • clothes for me
  • bathroom stuff
  • toothbrushes/paste
  • meds (for me) including insulin - make sure there is enough
  • camera
  • hair stuff/brush
  • books
  • camera cord
  • get food/snacks/drink for hospital
  • find one of my straw glasses
  • Nathan's thermo bottle
  • find socks w/ grips for Nate
  • make sure I pack socks for me 
  • sure steps
  • sign language book to work on new words
  • hearing aid & batteries/etc 

I'm just trying not to think of it - but I'm thinking about it ...... I don't want Friday to come, but I want it to be over already ...... oye. STRESS!

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Christy Garrett said...

Good luck on your son's surgery. I hope that it goes smoothly.