Friday, May 17, 2013

Another AWESOME Product!

Have you ever wanted an amazing label?   Perhaps to announce an Allergy?  To put on Autistic kids when you are in a crowded area where you might be likely to lose them?   I know that was my first thought when I saw this product!!

I can put that on Nathan and have it say something like....   "My name is Nathan, I'm Autistic, If you find me lost, call (our cell # here)."   It could - literally - be a life saver!!

As you can see - there are a ton of FUN products that they have!!   Here are a few examples I liked a lot!

They have fun stuff like.........

And Keyboard Stickers........ I donno about you, but I wear the letters off my keyboard all the time.  As a writer & blogger, I am at my computer a lot .. the first letter to always go for me .... N....  Ha ha!

  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Washer/Dryer Safe
  • Don't Peel Off
  • Personalize-able
  • Don't Damage Items
  • FUN!

Seriously - what more can you want!?!?
Personalized Kids Name Labels:
Do you have kids who HATE losing their stuff?   You can label anything from water bottles, to books, to toys,sports gear, whatever you can think of that might need to be labeled!   Perhaps you lend out books or DVD's ...  this is a great way to make sure that they get back to you!!  There are a ton of fun and trendy designs, and all the stickers are durable, dishwasher, washing machine AND dryer safe!!!  They don't damage the surfaces of what you put them on either!
Waterproof Labels:
Have you ever resorted to using a sharpie to label things?  Eventually you have to write over it again because it wears off, or even sharpie ink doesn't stick to what you are needing to mark!!  Well, these decals are waterproof!  The labels are extremely durable and stick to just about anything from clothes, to backpacks, to your computer!  They stay put during washing of any sort, and you can even label pool and beach toys!  
Fun Mustache Stickers:
Have you jumped on the Mustache bandwagon???  I have seen a lot of my friends doing this mustache thing!  They even have MUSTACHE stickers and labels!!  HOW FUN!!!  Use them for parties or just for fun!!
Organizational Stickers:
I am an organizer!  I want things labeled where I can see it - that way I can grab what I need and do what I need to do - without having to go through a bunch of folders or binders and notebooks!  Eazy-peazie!
Chalkboard Labels that you can write on:
Another HUGE thing - especially for homeschoolers!!!  How awesome to be able to use this for a quick and fun way to learn!  Also perfect for things that you have to change out!  Toy bins, art supplies... name it!  Stick it!
Daycare & School Labels:
Do you have kids in daycare?  Or in school?  Need to label EVERYTHING?   Done!!  They are super cute and safe!  You can put it on bottles, sippy cups, and even snack containers!  Diaper bag? Yep!  Blankets?  You bet!
Camp Labels:
Summer is coming up!  Sending the kids to camp???  This is perfect!!  You may not have a hope of getting everything back, BUT - slap the labels on and you have a lot better chance of it!  Especially when kids have items that are exactly the same or very similar!  There won't be any "That's MINE!" arguments with another kid ending up with your kids stuff!

Kidecals was created by a mom of two rough and tumble kind of boys!   This is an amazing product!!  I truly cannot wait to get mine in the mail :)

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