Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 14 - 19th - NDD

I am starting up Nathan's Daily Diary again because as we are coming into the winter season here at home, complete with tons of snow on the ground, it appears that Nathan's headaches are coming back.  So I need to start this up again to start keeping track of everything.

December 14...

We read a lot that morning, not only me reading to him and Kaedyn, but him sitting like this reading too.  It's sweet when he does this, he doesn't do it often anymore but I always love seeing him with booked in his hand and wanting to be read to.  The day before had been Daddy's and Mommy's Anniversary and we had some Welchs Fake Champagne, the night before Nathan had taken an interest in my glass, including dipping his little fingers in it and sucking the juice off them.  So on Monday, when Mommy and Daddy had another bottle, we gave Nathan a little cup with some.  He calls it "Bubbles" and he enjoyed it.  It's the first time in just about forever that he would drink anything OTHER then Chocolate Milk!

A little while later, more in the afternoon he decided he wanted his Tigger Costume on... he'll leave it on all day if you let him.

And he's constantly carrying around the bug lights too, of course he leaves them on which means they run out of batteries really quickly...  here is Kaedyn in the glow..

Tuesday (12-15) we didn't have an oven so we did a lot of snacking and stuff.  I ended up running out and getting some groceries when I got a chance to and I took some photos of Kaedyn drinking (or thinking he was going to) 2-liter bottles of Orange Soda.. but none of Nate to share.  LOL..  we were having an off day.  I remember Nathan was really tired all day and when I finally got him to take his nap, he woke up in a horrible horrible mood.  He kept putting our hands on his head to rub it, and wanted me to cuddle him, so I did.  I think, even though he had a long nap, he went to bed kinda early for him. 

Wednesday (Dec. 16)

Nathan has been tolerating Kaedyn more and more, and with that toleration also comes the bickering...  the fighting, the pushing, the hitting, the hair pulling oh my!  But when you catch the sweet moments of them sitting together, it makes all those moments worth it.  Because you know they are going to totally be the type of brothers who stick up for each other and tell other kids "No ONE picks on my brother by ME!"  LOL...

We got our new oven on Wednesday and both babies were in love with watching whatever is in the oven (that night Pizza) .. our old oven you couldn't watch through the oven door so it's new for them, and both of them love to watch Dennis (and sometimes me) cook...

Daddy says you know you are a future Chef when watching what is in the oven is better then what is on TV!

We had gotten a big container of fruit - and it is hands down Nathan's FAVORITE thing to eat.  Fruit of all kinds.  Mostly grapes, and bananas.  So there was a bunch of grapes in this container, some melon too..  this was his way of asking me for more... LOL...

He ate really well this day.  Most days we give him food after food after food item and he either barely touches it, doesn't touch it at all, or if we are lucky, he eats half of it.  But he kept coming back asking for more fruit, and as always - if Nathan asks for food, he gets it. 

Thursday (Dec. 17) - We did some crafts at home ... Nathan was all excited and helped out.  Er... sorta helped out!  He tried... LOL...  We were making Light Bulb ornaments for the tree. 

I was trying to keep the hot glue gun out of his reach but at one point after I was gluing something, he reached over and grabbed the metal part, the hot part, and started crying.  So after some hugs, kisses, a cold compress, more kisses, he was okay. 

Batman all Decked out for the Holidays!

After awhile we had to stop because Kaedyn got up and little hands, tiny beads, don't mix.  Bad enough keeping track of Nathan, but Kaedyn is a brute and pushes his way everywhere ..  so we put the stuff away.  Then Nathan took his nap and woke up in a terrible mood again.  We tried to give him dinner (chicken nuggets and fries) but he just wasn't interested at all.  So we opened gifts (family tradition) ....

After we did that, Nathan wanted to just cuddle and had his head rubbed again.  Eventually, he fell asleep.

Friday- December 18 ...   It was a rough day for all.  Mommy had started some new medication and she wasn't doing so well Friday (side effects) ...   So it was a very sleepy lazy day.  Nathan ended up taking a long afternoon nap and when he woke up he screamed for an hour before Mommy finally got him to settle down by putting a cold washcloth on his forehead (something that works when Mommy has a headache) ..  Even Kaedyn was being a sloth ...   

Once Nathan saw the camera he started grinning!  Who'd'a'thunk 5 minutes before he was screaming!

Saturday December 19 ....  Dragons like pears ... 

Yes, apparently Dragons like pears!  Nathan played most of the morning with just his Little People and Mr. Dragon there had a lot to eat!  Nathan fed him a lot complete with eating sounds "num num num" ...  Mommy & Daddy had a "meeting" to go to Saturday morning so Calahan babysat.  When they got home, he got this ugly teddy bear.  (okay it grew on me when I saw how much he loved it)

It - overall - seemed to be a good day for him.  He ate okay, he didn't scream when he got up (but the blinds were down) ... and he played great. 

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