Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Prayers for a Family .. please read..

The Brother and SIL of one of my good friends is going through a rough time.  The whole family is.  If you have read my blog previously, you know that I have 2 kids with medical needs.   Noah and Nathan.  Nathan's medical issues are wide spanning and some serious ones.  Noah's started out pretty dang serious but have leveled out.  I share Noah's story as much as possible.   At 18-19 weeks I found out that the baby I carried had a rare genetic disorder called Mosaic Trisomy 16.  I was told half way through his pregnancy that he wouldn't survive the pregnancy, and if he did, he would have very little quality of life, and was told I should "interrupt" the pregnancy.  Took me a moment to realize he was suggesting I get an abortion.   I looked him in the eye, and said "that's not an option."  At 33 1/2 weeks of pregnancy Noah came into the world weighting only 1lb 12oz.  Because Noah doesn't have the extra chromosome in all of his cells, he had a chance.  If he had been full Trisomy 16 - odds are he wouldn't survived through the 2nd Trimester, if even into it. Regardless, I knew there was a chance that my hope that I clung onto with every fiber of my being may not happen, and I would end up not bringing a baby home.  I had a hard time through the pregnancy buying anything for him.  So I didn't.  Others did, made sure that I had what was needed to bring him home, but it was hard.  Miracles happen, and Noah is one of them.  Today that little baby who wasn't suppose to survive is almost 8 years old.  Yes, he has medical issues, I watched him fight for his life in 2007 the same week his baby brother Nathan was born in the same hospital he had been born, and put in the same bed in the NICU to protect his frail 3lb 4oz body...  but Noah is strong, he's a fighter, and I never gave up on him.  I had fears and doubts that crept in, but never did I give up hope.  Every ultrasound he would wave at me, as if to say "I'm right here... I'm okay.."

With all that said...... my friend's SIL found out that their baby has the characteristics of Trisomy 13 or Trisomy 18.  It breaks my heart, I've been there, in those shoes..... being told there is no hope but having the hope regardless because there is no other choice for me.

I want to ask you all who read my blog to send prayers and support their way.  To PLEASE keep this family in your hearts this season and  believe that a miracle can touch them!

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I'm going to end with a very emotionally faithful video that I've shared before of Eliot, a miracle born with Trisomy 18 and a tribute to his life and how he touched those around him.


Mac said...

that is a very touching, sad and heartwarming video. i hope your friend has a miracle.

can I also ask what testing you had for RSS for your son?

blueviolet said...

You will likely be a real source of support and friendship for her having been there yourself. I will pray for the family. :)

I'm following from Friends Following Friends, by the way. Have a wonderful weekend!