Saturday, December 12, 2009

Update on Us

There hasn't been too much going on here with medical stuff.  At least nothing "abnormal" ...  I still see a ton of signs pointing my heart in the direction of Nathan having a high functioning form of Autism.  More so now then ever with him wearing socks on his hands and his being very particular about certain things is amazing.  We watched a movie with him awhile back and it was the first time he had seen it.  It's called BABYS DAY OUT ..  it came out back when Calahan was a baby and is on the same lines as Home Alone...  Anyway, we've had the video since Cal's first Christmas.  So Nathan would get very scared and concerned over this baby's adventure, and he would scream during the scary parts and yell when he saw the "bad guys" ...  Anyway, Nathan had his first surgery to fix his hypospadious on November 2nd.  It went very well.  They managed to get his right testicle down and started the surgery with his urinary tract.  He ended up coming home with a catheter that he was suppose to have in for a week, and a nice 4 inch incision across his belly.   However he was wetting his diaper since the first day, Dennis thought it was sweat because the boys sweats so bad, especially while sleeping.  But I didn't think so.  However he was getting urine in the bag and the following day he wore the same diaper all day.  But a few days later, he woke up in the morning, sopping wet diaper and barely anything in the cath-bag... so we called his Ped Urologist (2 hours away) who said call his Ped to get it removed who was full and said call regular Urology in town who said they couldn't do it cuz they were full .... so Dennis took him to urgent care to get it removed.  He has to wait 6 months before his next (and last) surgery for this.

Calahan also had surgery in the end of October.  He had to have oral surgery to get all his teeth and cavities filled, so he can get his braces ..  see he has a horrible time with the sound or vibrations of the drill in the office and everytime they would try to fix this tooth of his, he would get through the numbing shots no problem but when it came to the drill he just couldn't deal, so after several attempts and a couple years, the tooth broke and was now unrepairable.  So it was the only way to get the work done.. it was tough on him but he did it :)

Noah has been doing well, and Kaedyn's only issue is his extremely bad eczema :(   

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Susan Tipton said...

I was so happy to find you through Friends Following Friends. My youngest two children both have a genetic error of metabolism called fatty acid oxidation disorder. I started blogging just to meet other mom's working through similar issues by writing about it. Anyway- I liked how you had "abnormal" in quotes- I so get it!

Blessings to you and yours